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Ava Zavora

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"I know I could be happy with someone else . . . But it was decided a long time ago. It was always going to be you."

From Morocco to Paris, Sera has traveled the world over but she never forgot Rosethorn, the beautiful, abandoned mansion where she and Andrew used to meet for trysts. Until the day Sera found her mother's diary. Sera's obsession with the shocking secrets it contained tore them apart and sent Sera fleeing to New York with a devastated heart.

10 years later, Sera revisits Rosethorn, only to run into Andrew, all grown up and handsomer than ever. Politeness gives way to a heated confrontation over their painful past. Yet unable to resist each other's lure, both surrender to the undying power of first love.

Fate has brought them together once again, but will the wounds and tragedies of the past destroy Sera and Andrew's second chance - forever?


What can I say other than this book was just fantastic.  You sit and read, your emotions going up and down.  What a ride.

Andrew and Sera are high school sweethearts.  Truly soul-mates, their love is palatable, so passionate.  There are times when they are also like fireworks going off when they fight.  Sera is soooo headstrong and sassy sometimes.  She gives Andrew a run for his money.  It's so sweet learning how they actually grew up together from little elementary school kids and she just never noticed him, but oh how he KNEW she was there :)

When Sera reveals that her dreams and wants aren't the same as what Andrew always thought they both wanted a heartbreaking journey ensues.  Will the two ever find real happiness together?  You just read this book and be prepared to get the SHOCK of your life.  I read the final chapters dreading what I thought was going to happen and then stunned at what did!

The only reason this book doesn't get a five rating is due to not always being clear as to when things were happening in Sera's life.  Wish that was delineated a bit better.  Read this book, you won't be sorry!

4 cannolis


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