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Marco's Redemption


Marco's Redemption 
Lynda Chance

Amazon Blurb -

Marco Donati is rich, ruthless--and more often than not--indiscriminate. Interested only in satisfying his sexual needs casually and frequently, he has no intention of changing a thing about his life. Natalie Lambert is alone, broke, and new to the city when a chance encounter leaves her under the power and control of Marco Donati. As the story unfolds, tensions mount and trust is tested between two people who can't manage to stay away from each other.

Mama friggin mia, that is one hot and spicy meatball!!!  This Italian girl thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Poor Natalie has not a single clue what the hell she's getting into when she smashes into the back of Marco Donati's car.  He is NOT a happy camper and it only gets worse when he finds out she has no insurance.   What's the solution?  Well to become his housekeeper for a year of course :)  How else can she work off the $20,000.00 repair bill when she has no job?

This man is alpha TO THE MAX.  And what does that do to me, well it makes mama a very very happy girl ;)  I love me my alphas, my hubby is a hot alpha that makes my heart go pitter patter :) Marco is confident. He knows what he wants, when he wants it, how he wants it and will not take no for an answer.  Something that made my heart go yay yippy skppy, he's tall but doesn't like amazon women, he likes small gals, yay for us sweet shorties! lol!!

The moment he see's her, he's hooked though he won't allow himself to acknowledge this fact, he fights it tooth and nail actually.  Though, he is uber possessive of her, hates the idea of other men even looking at her, and wants her all to himself.  He won't even acknowledge publically that his cave man instincts is what draws him to petites, normally what he has on his arm are statuesque women.

And how does Natalie handle all this, ha, she's like a deer caught in the headlights.  This is WAY over head as far as experience goes.  Macro is out of her league both in stature physically and lifestyle.  Of course she can't keep herself from falling for this hotheaded thick stubborn spoiled man.  She has the patience of a saint though, keeping her cool when necessary, but putting her foot down and giving him the business when it's needed.  No mamby pamby Anastasia here, thank goodness!

And speaking of that, Marco is NOT not another Christian Grey. He's been burned so he's cautious as a man of his wealth would be, and he is spoiled. When you're that wealthy you are accustomed to getting what you want.  Natalie also see's a wonderful soft and gentle side to Marco with his clients who are an older couple and it touches her heart.  Many compare him to the infamous Christian Grey, he is nothing like him.  Christian Grey was a giant box of messed up, Marco is not that at all, and kudos and a tip of the hat to Ms. Chance when Natalie asks if he's kinky and Marco says " You read too much fiction."

I loved this book, I love this author and look forward to reading more of her, this was my first but not my last.  The only thing that kept it from a 5 rating was the quick wrap-up of the ending.  I would've like to see that fleshed out a bit more.  Other than that, exquisite!! 

4 1/2 Cannolis


H M Ward

Amazon Blurb -

Life sucks. And, as soon as Sidney picks up the pieces something always knocks her back onto her butt. It's never pretty, but this time is different. This time pretty isn't even the right word.

Peter is the personification of perfection. It's like he fell off his angel perch in purgatory, because let's face it--any guy that hot has got to be naughty. He was probably sent here to ruin her life.

Peter is beyond beautiful with his sexy blue eyes, dark hair, and toned body. Add in his charming wit and Peter is everything Sidney ever wanted in a man, but when things get hot and heavy Peter shows her the door. Sidney takes the walk of shame and leaves. It's the end of the worst blind date ever. Her life couldn't possibly reach higher levels of suckage, but it does.

The next morning everything comes crashing down. The insanely hot guy from last night, the one that saw her half naked, is teaching at the front of the class room.


Well, I have just discovered another great author :) and I'm very happy about it!  This was a great book, it moved quick, I loved the characters, great story, trifecta! 

Sidney is just trying to live life without the horror of what was done to her haunting her.  Taking it day by day even after all these years, trying not to let it get the best of her.  When her best friend Millie convinces her to go on a blind date, Sidney thinks she died and went to heaven.  A gorgeous guy who she instantly is attracted to makes her think it's finally her lucky day.  Ordering a glass of wine and flirting in just the first couple of minutes, and then it all goes to pieces when Millie comes running shouting "there you are!"  Poor Sydney is stunned, she was at the wrong table just thinking the rest hadn't arrived yet.

It only goes downhill from there.  The  dip-wad who is her date makes her want to scream, she leaves the restaurant and finds Mr. Hotty outside with his car that won't start.  Peter is just too good to be true, she gives him a lift home, things get a bit hot and heavy, but before anything can happen he tells her he can't do this.  Poor Sydney is mortified and humiliated.  She wonders what she could have done.  Things go from bad to worse when the Professor she ta's for dies and low and behold, who is his replacement?  Why Peter of course.

You travel this very tough road with them and find out things aren't all that ok for Peter either.  There isn't any hot and heavy love scenes, but BOY the tension is so very thick you can cut it with a knife!!  My heart ached for both of them and I just got lost in this wonderful book.  The only drawback?  I have to wait to see what happens between them with #2 which comes out in June.

4 Cannolis

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Dead Ever After


Dead Ever After
Charlaine Harris

Ok folks, there is a BOAT load of anger stirring around this last book of the series.  Many gals are feeling betrayed.  Spoilers WILL ensue in my review/discussion, so don't read further if you don't want to know anything.

Amazon Blurb -

Sookie Stackhouse  finds it easy to turn down the request of former barmaid Arlene when she wants her job back at Merlotte’s. After all, Arlene tried to have Sookie killed. But her relationship with Eric Northman is not so clearcut. He and his vampires are keeping their distance…and a cold silence. And when Sookie learns the reason why, she is devastated.

Then a shocking murder rocks Bon Temps, and Sookie is arrested for the crime.

But the evidence against Sookie is weak, and she makes bail. Investigating the killing, she’ll learn that what passes for truth in Bon Temps is only a convenient lie. What passes for justice is more spilled blood. And what passes for love is never enough…
I found this book ok.  It certainly wasn't an out of the park homerun, but, it wasn't the absolute disaster many are making it out to be.  I loved how all her friends past and present gathered together to help her in the latest jam she finds herself.

Sookie is accused of murder.  Someone is setting her up big time, the question is who, and why are 
they doing it.  In the middle of that mess, her vampire boyfriend is not happy with her, nor she him.  Her friend and co-owner of Merlottes, Sam is behaving odd to say the least.  When this is all said and done will she have either one in her life anymore?  The only staple seems to be good ole' Bill.

Now for the controversy and what ticked me and hundreds of others.  First let me say that I called it when I read the last book, I think most of us did.   I love Eric.  He is an unapologetic, egotistical, megalomaniacal, ruthless killer.  We all know that about him, and yet we all still love him.  CASE CLOSED!!!  It doesn't bother me, I don't care one bit about that.  Why you ask? Because through each book you learn that Eric does love Sookie.  Did he do what he had to to get her, yup, but HE LOVES HER.  When she was tortured and mutilated by the fairies and he held her hand and she asked him "why didn't you come?"  His answer was "You're killing me."  It was a tortured and wretched angst filled response to her because he loves her so.  Their relationship has been sown slowly through each book lovingly crafted, and for the author to calously toss it away like gum on the bottom of ones shoe sucked a big smelly pickle to say the least!

In my opinion Harris was not happy with the devotion that her fans of this series have given to Eric. Not even Bill has the same level of adoration.  She point blank said in an interview that it baffles her how he is loved because he is a BAD guy plain and simple.  That Sam was her answer all along I personally find disingenuous.  There was never the same level of attraction for Sookie with Sam than there was with any of her boyfriends, even Alcide had more zing with Sook.  It would have been an easier pill to swallow if she would have had Sookie just be by herself and live her life.

How insulting to have a relationship that has been nurtured through several books be cast away with barely an explanation.  Eric is almost non-existent in this story and man that just is so out of character for the whole series and the personality of the characters.  Where was the angst, the heartbreak, the anger over this by both of them!?!   I felt more hurt amd pain when Eric forced Bill to tell her he was using her while she lay in that New Orleans hospital bed.  Sookie's gut wrenching pain was soooo thick in that one scene that I cried, but not here, not with Eric.

Oh well I guess this is what happens to loyal fans with some authors.  Her paltry explanation at the begining of the book that she knows not all will be happy is just meaningless.  You can't please everyone, I think we as adults know and accept that, but please don't insult us, those who have bought every single solitary book, pre-ordering them, getting them signed and keeping them as a treasure to not give away to anyone.  We all were short changed here, those of us who have come to love our Blonde Viking and it hurts, it hurts bad. To those who think we're crazy and say get a life, a pox on you and  your ancestors. 

And now comes the next screwing over with True Blood on HBO, this has become a torturous adventure of disgust as I watch beloved characters get twisted into things they never were and even dumber storylines.  I need a drink....

3 Cannolis   Because it wasn't the worst I've ever read (that award goes to The Gathering) even though she has SUPREMELY pissed me off.

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