About Me

My name is Paula Calvanico.  I'm 45 and I've been married since I'm 16 yrs old to a wonderful man who is the light of my life, named John.  We have six children, 4 girls and 2 boys who range from 33 all the way down to 10!  We have 2 granddaughters as well.

I love to read and have since I was a very young girl.  Starting a blog about my passion was just a natural progression for me once I discovered the wonderful world of blogging.

I'm really into the Paranormal Romance and the Urban Fantasy genre right now.  Those darn vamps have got me hooked.  Truly, the Brothers of The Black Dagger by J.R. Ward is what did it!  I like some chick lit, and romance.  Nothing to over the top mushy and silly with those misunderstandings that would be cleared up with one sentence.  Those just agitate me!  My true love is the psychological thriller.  Boy Hannibal Lector, Gretchen Lowell, and the likes of them make such awesome reading.  I love Kay Scarpetta, Lucas Davenport, Alex Cross, these characters are fantastic.

My reviews can sometimes be pithy, I tend to speak my mind, sometimes too much, must be the Italian in me, but I do like blogging about what I've read. It's a wonderful way to travel to far away places.

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