Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pop Goes The Weasel

Pop Goes The Weasel
M.J. Arlidge

This book has your eyes popping from the very first pages! Really enjoyed this thriller!

Helen Grace is a detective with baggage. She has a dark side and some secrets. Now she has some grisly killings to figure out. Men are turning up murdered and gruesomely mutilated after meeting with a prostitute on a viscous killing streak. Tensions are running high in the quest to catch this killer before more men turn up dead.

Her relationship with her superior Cheri Harwood and her fellow detective Charlie Brooks is strained to say the least. Harwood is looking to add a star to her name with the solving of this case and she allows scrubby reporter Emilia Garanita access to the case that sets Helen off. Charlie's return after a long absence due to injuries brought about in the previous book has both she and Helen walking a tight rope.

The twists and turns lend a great suspenseful tempo to the book. I enjoyed the writing and the mystery was aces. Great read, I highly recommend!

3 1/2 Cannolis


  1. Hey lady, hope you are well. I think I read a book like this recently, similar. I see you are still reading our first love, I need to get back to the suspense, the 'bloody' suspense.

    I'm slowly trying to come back. Happy Holidays Paula

  2. Hey Paula, I came over to tell you to read Eeny Meeny, it reminds me of your love for Chelsea Caine but you must have read it because Pop Goes the Weasel is the next in series. Great Right.......


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