Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Remains

 The Remains
 Vincent Zandri

Amazon Blurb -

Thirty years ago, teenager Rebecca Underhill and her twin sister Molly were abducted by a man who lived in a house in the woods behind their upstate New York farm. They were held inside that house for three horrifying hours, until making their daring escape. Vowing to keep their terrifying experience a secret in order to protect their mother and father, the girls tried to put the past behind them. And when their attacker was hunted down by police and sent to prison, they believed he was as good as dead. Now, it s 30 years later, and with Molly having passed away from cancer, Rebecca, a painter and art teacher, is left alone to bear the burden of a secret that has only gotten heavier and more painful with each passing year. But when Rebecca begins receiving some strange anonymous text messages, she begins to realize that the monster who attacked her all those years ago is not dead after all. He s back, and this time, he wants to do more than just haunt her. He wants her dead.

I don't like reviewing books that made me feel nothing one way or another so I won't. All I'll say is that this book fell flat for me. I didn't like or dislike for that matter any of the characters. Even the bad guy produced no emotions in me. I read this for my psycho thriller challenge and it was just a bust. The only reason I didn't stop reading is that it wasn't horrid, just, well, flat.

2 1/2 cannolis

Friday, March 9, 2012

February's Wrap Up

Well February has come and gone, short month or not it flew by too.  For the most part we have had a very mild winter here.  I know I know, how bad can So Cali get?  Well it'll drop to the low 30's in the night, but we've been having stretches of 79, 81, I've been loving it!

Decent reading month too.  For bookclub I read The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by  Gill Mcneil.  I liked it.  You can read my review *HERE*The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern has been on my book shelf for several months now and I finally read it.  Not bad, not quite sure what the big buzz was about since it didn't wow me, but not painful to get through.  My review is *HERE*.  I read Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson.  It was ok.  Not the best from Patterson, or his Cross novels, but not bad.  The one thing I love about James Patterson his how quick you get right into the thick of things.  Right outta the gate the action is happening, that coupled with his sometimes only two page chapters and you feel like you're flying through his books.  I think my favorite quick read was Hearts In Darkness by Lauren Kaye.  This was a novella and I read it practically in one sitting.  Didn't do a review, but was really enjoyable.

Whats coming in March?  Well I really have no real reading strategy this month except for my book club!

 I started The Remains by Vincent Zandri, and I have to be honest, it isn't grabbing me yet, I hope that changes.  I'll put this one towards my challenge.

  Handle With Care is March's book club choice.  I'm sure it will be very thought and discussion  provoking as all of Picoult's books tend to be.

And that's all I got folks!  I really don't know what I'm in the mood for.  That's ok, sometimes you hit a dry spot in books, I have so many on my shelf and in my kindle I know I'll find something :)  Daylight savings time this weekend!!  Yes!!  Love it :)

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