Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Murderer's Daughter

The Murderer's Daughter
by Jonathan Kellerman
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Grace pulled me into her gripping story from the very start!

Grace Blades has been dealt a very raw deal from the beginning of her life. Born to the ultimate in stereotypical parents, trailer trash addicts, she has no real joy to speak of. Her time is passed trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible. You see, Grace is not just a little smart, this girl is HIGHLY intelligent. Sadly at the tender age of five she witnesses her mother kill her father then herself and becomes part of the system.

She manages to land in a foster home of a well off widower whose brother in law is a psychologist. He feeds Grace's hunger for knowledge and she continues to grow intelligence wise in leaps and bounds. When a tragedy takes place in the home after three odd children come into it, she is adopted by him and his wife.

Grace is nurtured and goes to all the best schools and colleges. She becomes a very successful psychologist herself. There's one thing, Grace has a penchant for sex with strangers and the adrenaline rush she gets from it. What ensues brings her past speeding to the present and puts her in grave danger.

I highly recommend this book. It's the first time I have read Kellerman and I absolutely enjoyed his writing style and the story itself!

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