Friday, October 29, 2010

Hauntingly Haunted

I live in a beautiful town in sunny So Cali.  It was founded by wealthy mid-westerners and East Coasters who wanted a warm place to winter.  Hence the homes here don't have the traditional Spanish Mediterranean flair.  Instead you feel like you're walking in a New York suburb or an Illinois town.

There are a couple of famous houses here.  The Kimberly Crest Mansion, which was featured in Linda Blair's Hell Night.   The park the mansion sits on is supposedly haunted by a young girl who was murdered in it one late night.  She roams the park aimlessly in the evenings.  Next is the Morey Mansion which was featured on The Othersiders, a show of kid ghost hunters, yeah haunted too.

This is my house, and yes that is snow, what a great surprise that was!!  Built in 1893, it's a dream come true for us.  I said us, my kids say it's haunted so I think for them it's a nightmare.  My daughter Des is a hairstylist.  The salon owner has a friend/client that's psychic and was dying to "read" our house.  Sure whatever have at it.  The troop went up to the attic, which is now our master suite.  She claims Charlie is a ghost who stands in the back of our closet and is angry that changes are being made to his house without him.  Charlie was a carpenter.  My hubs said “tell Charlie to pick up a hammer and get busy then!”  She also claims that the play room on the second floor was once a nursery and is inhabited by a young child.  Of course my kids, all six are in a tizzy.  “Told ya mom, told ya!” they chant in chorus.

Things do happen.  The door to my bedroom will be shut tight by me.  I do this to keep my silly yorkie from taking a dump in the room.  I’ll go upstairs and low and behold, the door is ajar.  I keep my thermostat set at certain temps for the heat and air.  Well, I’ll be FREEZING and the a.c.will be just cranking.  When I check the setting, it’ll be buried all the way down as cold as it can go.  “Which one of you messed with the thermostat?”  I’ll yell.  All answer "Not me."

One Saturday five of them were in the playroom futzing on YouTube all laughing hysterical when there was this loud crash and the girls screamed.  I go running to the staris and ask what that was.  “We don’t know, nothing's on the floor in any of the rooms!”  they yell back.  Of course this has them just buzzing at this point.   “Ma , Ma, there’s nothing here!”  What made that loud crash then?”  “Told ya there’s a ghost here!”  Pish posh I tell them.  And yet…


  1. You have a beautiful home, Paula!

  2. Hey Paula, This is your house, really? It is gorgeous!Looks like something in a film.

    Do you think about exorcising the ghostie?

    Happy Halloween and hope your festivities are as fun this year as ever.

    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  3. Nah Steph, why bother, the more the merrier ;)

    Thanks Julie, we really do love the house, it was one of the happiest days of my life when we got it! The town we live in is really great too!


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