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  Alone, Lisa Gardner
Amazon Blurb -

Alone . . . Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge watches a tense hostage standoff unfold through the scope of his sniper rifle. Just across the street, in wealthy Back Bay, Boston, an armed man has barricaded himself with his wife and child. The man’s finger tightens on the trigger and Dodge has only a split second to react . . . and forever pay the consequences.

Alone . . . that’s where the nightmare began for cool, beautiful, and dangerously sexy Catherine Rose Gagnon. Twenty-five years ago, she was buried underground during a month-long nightmare of abduction and abuse. Now her husband has just been killed. Her father-in-law, the powerful Judge Gagnon, blames Catherine for his son’s death . . . and for the series of unexplained illnesses that have sent her own young son repeatedly to the hospital.

Alone . . . a madman survived solitary confinement in a maximum security prison where he’d done hard time for the most sadistic of crimes. Now he walks the streets a free man, invisible, anonymous . . . and filled with an unquenchable rage for vengeance. What brings them together is a moment of violence—but what connects them is a passion far deeper and much more dangerous. For a killer is loose who’s woven such an intricate web of evil that no one is above suspicion, no one is beyond harm, and no one will see death coming until it has them cornered, helpless, and alone.
This was the first book of Lisa Gardner I've read, and I really liked it.  Trooper Bobby Dodge has been called out to a domestic distubance with a possible gun.  He's a crack shot, and when he makes a split second decision, his life is never the same again.  Breathtakingly beautiful Catherine Gagnon is the survivor of a horrendous crime, now she has to battle her powerful judge father-in-law over the death of her husband, his son.

How far will someone go to protect themselves? When you let crazy out of the box, is it possible to ever put it back in?

DD Warren plays a small part in this, and to be honest, I didn't like her that much, BUT, I liked the book so much that I'll definitely read more of the series.  I'm sure my opinion of her will change since the series is based on her and she becomes the prominent character.   I do like Gardner's writing style, and this story had me going right through to the end. 

3 1/2 cannolis


  1. I read Lisa Gardner books years ago and enjoyed them, I will have to read this one Paula (love your reviews.....I'm going to give my girls your blog link, they are really into reading now and are always asking me what to read next :) ~ Gabi xo

    1. Thank you Gabi :) I don't review as much as I used too. I keep it to books that really stirred me good or bad.

      Alone was pretty good. I'll be reading more :)


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