Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Route 66 To The Milky Way

Route 66 To The Milky Way
by Janet Rendall
book received in exchange for fair review

What a good read this was. Science fiction isn't my usual genre and I found this interesting and a breeze to read. What a pleasant surprise.

Frank Ryder is an FBI agent who is on the case of alien tracking. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, two people's bodies have gone missing, a nurse named Polly Johnson, and an older gentleman with a fatal brain injury. The plant like aliens, May and Homer crashed during the bombing and have a small window of time to inhabit a body after it dies, before they die themselves. The only clue May has to return home is is the number 66.

The couple spend years on the mother road learning as much as they can about humans, trying to assimilate all the while desperate to go home. May reads Alice In Wonderland and takes literally the idea of falling down the rabbit hole to another dimension and thinks eating her way through will get them there. Homer on the other hand buys a Oldsmobile Rocket 88 to get them back.

As they continue on this journey Homer is becoming sicker and sicker. Frank is hot on their trail and after the Roswell disaster, he is not going to let them get away. Frank finds himself attracted to May/Polly and is having a tough time keeping the two separated. The story is circulated by the FBI that she's a Russian spy and the brand new CIA is buying it so she is in danger. The question is can Frank save her before either agency gets their hands on her?

I really enjoyed this story. What a nice writing style Janet has. Smooth and easy, you just turn the pages effortlessly. A wonderful surprise was finding my hometown of Redlands featured in it! If you find Route 66 intriguing, well this is just a great plus. Pick this book up and get ready for a ride!

4 cannolis

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  1. I, too, was delighted to read this book! EXCELLENT read and EXCELLENT first book! The characters quickly become real and likeable. It is a great love story as well as thrilling with twists and turns. Not many authors can combine different genres effectively, but Ms. Rendall did an exciting job of it.


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