Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Wrap Up

I feel like I just finished October!!  Wow this month just flew by.  Thanksgiving was wonderful filled with yummy food and family.  A very nice day.  Was hobbled since I blew my knee out and will be having surgery on the 9th, but the Dr. said I have to be up and around right away.  No going crazy, it take 6 wks for recovery, but after a few I can exercise, I won't feel good doing it, and he said we'll talk about running in time.  That bad meniscus just popped on me and it hurt like a b*tch!!!!

Got some reading done.  Read the latest in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series,  Deeper Than Midnight.  This was Hunter's book, the Gen One creation of bad guy Drago.  Not bad, I'll keep going.  For my book club we read One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus.  Let me tell you the reviews were so bad I was dreading this, but I just loved it!  Great great book, and I recommend it.  It made me sad for some of the things that happened, but a wonderful story.  Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire was really good too!  You can read my review *HERE*Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard was another really good book for me.  My *REVIEW*.  Still don't know if the author is male or female. 

Just got done with Gideon by Jacquelyn Frank. I liked it, not too corny, I'll keep going on this one too.  # 4is Damien, the vampire, so I want to at least get to that one, and I think Noah's as well.  Not sure what direction I'll take next.  I'm in a thriller challenge, but I still feel like lovey  books with rough tough alpha males so we'll see.

For my book club we all had to come up with a list of possibles for the new year, here is my list -

Gods In Alabama is one I've been wanting to read for a while now.  Gargoyle's premise sounds real good, I hope it reads that way too!  Her Fearful Symmetry is another that has a good plot.  Of course Jodi Picoult tugs the heartstrings big time with Handle With Care and I think it makes for great book club discussion!  I'll let you know if we choose any of these books.

I have most definitely cut down in my reading these past couple of months, but that's ok, I've been real busy and will stay that way till the New Year.  I'm not missing the constant reviewing of every book I read, just one's that I feel really moved me.  Yes, I'm keeping track of what I read, not the pages, just what books.  I lose too many brain cells a minute to not do it, I don't like forgetting what I read.  I came across a blog post by Reading With Tequila about bloggers who brag about the goodies (freebies) they get.  Who cares what they do?  Who cares how many followers they have?  Is this a popularity contest to see who's liked the most?  There's a life to live out there folks, homes to take care of, children who need us, the gorgeous out doors to walk and enjoy in, time goes way to fast to waste it blogging for 6 to 10 hours a day!  Live people, read good books share about it, but get away from the puters and live!!!!

Till next time....


  1. You have had a great few months - reading and personal.

    Oh the knee, when is the surgery, oh man babe, hope recovery goes fast. I do here the harder you press through the pain the faster recover.

    I want to read Gargoyle also, but want to concentrate. I have the discussion next week on We Need to talk about Kevin, very intense, great choice for bookclub.

    I have LaraA first book, I need to try it.

    Jennifer's post are good, I don't know how some have the time, I just said they don't enjoy life outside of books :-0

    I won the last in Fifty - don't buy I'll share with you.

  2. Why you lucky duck, that makes 2 in the series you've won :) Thank you, I'll be looking forward to see how the story wraps up.

    My surgery is Fri. the 9th and the Dr said it'll only take about 15 min and I have to be up the same day. He's my hubs Dr. and friend, my hub's has had 14 knee surgeries altogether the last 2 resulting in fake knees. The man fast tracked me right in 1,2,3, I'm so grateful!


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