Monday, November 28, 2011

Awesome Challenge!

This is a challenge I just couldn't resist!  I love serial killers, love love love em!  Yes maybe I am a bit odd, but the nuttier the better.  While I haven't read my friend Marce's fave Silence of The Lambs, my oh my that movie was off the hook fantastic!

For those of you who haven't familiarized yourself with Gretchen Lowell from Chelsea Cain's fantastic series you should, she is about my most fave killer.  I look forward to discovering some unknown psycho's for me to get acquainted with in 2012!

Just go over to Marce's blog - Tea Time With Marce to sign up for this deliciously wicked challenge ;)


  1. You are awesome, thanks for joining, can't wait to share.

    I have only read the 1st of Chelsea Cain, need to continue for sure next year.


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