Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Death Of True Blood

Well it's official, Alan Ball has just destroyed the show.  I don't know if there is anyway to get this puppy back on track.  I know there are those out there who have not read the books and find it great, but really, it has just tanked.  The whole Guardian/sanguanista crap?!  Puhlease, Christopher Meloni is Law and Order vamp style with some f words thrown in.  Salome and Eric's "sister" is ridiculous, and the whole silver iv drip and wooden stake harness is for the birds.  Reverend Newlin, OMG  this is just absurdity.  What a damn mess.




There are so many story lines going on it's just pathetic.  No one cares about Terry, or Arlene for that matter, it would have been way better for the show to mimic the book where she was concerend.  When you start looking forward to Jason and his goofiness, you know there is a problem.  And speaking of Jason, is he even going to be a panther or not?  What has this man done here?  Sookie confessing to Alcide what happened to Debbie, my God what is going on?  Changing Pam's history? Why, and Tara, don't get me started.  I actually thought for a minute that they were going to make her the Bubba character after epi 1 but no, keep her being the bitter bitch but now a bitter bitch vampire.  Oh and wait, did we get a glimpse of Claude in the clothes store?  Was THAT supposed to be hot male stripper Claude Sookie's Fae cousin?!   Holy crap AB better go see Magic Mike to see what male strippers are supposed to look like, cuz that sure as hell ain't it!!!!  But then, why would we expect him to follow that storyline correctly.

I just can't deal with Bill being the king, Eric being subservient to him. When no one can stand the protagonist (Sookie) any longer, their is a major issue. The whole thing is her. In A.B's quest to push Bill/Sookie to the forefront, he pushed Eric to the back and I think it is just going to explode on him, the ratings are down from last year, and the purists are just sick over the whole mess.  I don't know if it really will come back next year for a sixth season, and I know there are some going to comic-con just to lay into AB during the q-n-a.  He just refuses to see that Eric is the one who was at the forefront with Sookie, and straying so far from the books is plain wrong since he's so damn full of himself and his supposed "genious" status.

The Daily Beast gives a great synopsis of what a mess this has become, The Huffington Post laces into it just click to read.

Hopefully this will be a lesson for all series authors to NOT relinquish all creative control when signing over tv or movie rights.  I know she doesn't come right out and say it, but Charlaine Harris has got to be pissed at what has been done here.  Odds are that egomaniac wouldn't sign unless she let it all go, but this is just disgusting.  As someone said on the Sookieverse blog, imagine if Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings went off like fan-fic how pissed would those fan's be?  And yes that's exactly what this has become.  Fan-fic, the taking of characters and just changing them to what he wanted, with no resemblance to their original states. 

I could go on and on about this, I can't wait to hear the buzz from comic-con and what the fans are going to say to him!  In the meantime I will continue to watch like a runaway train, but still hope that somehow it will be redeemed.  I know an exercise in futility.

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