Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike

 SPOILERS ladies so don't read if ya don't wanna know.

This movie is being sold on all the talk shows and in the trailers as a fun movie. Well it takes a dark turn that I wasn't expecting and knocked the wind outta my sails. In the commercials it looks like they're this fun-loving bunch of guys, working together and hanging out when not at work. Channing is trying to impress Alex Pettyfers sister, while grooming Alex, aka "The Kid" to take his place in the strip club so he can move onto building his own custom furniture biz. Well that ain't it. One minute all is well and the next McConhaughey is this slimy backstabber, Alex is selling drugs, and Channing is left in the cold.

Oh and they have Joe Manganiello making the rounds like he is a frontrunner in the movie, and he is a background dude like Bomer, Rodriguez, and someone who I thought was Mickey Roarke's twin bro(at least in t his movie) Kevin Nash. So not fair!  Probably trying to capitalize on his True Blood fame. He did come out looking like an Oscar statue in one quick, and I mean quick dance scene.  Boy they wouldn't let him steal a second from Channing.

I know I know, sour grapes again, but I was soooo looking forward to a light fun movie.  I went with my daughters and we still had a fun girls night out.  My hubs kept telling my daughter Victoria who was putting her make-up on in the kitchen "They aren't gonna be there Vic, no Magic Mike stars."  I was cracking up.


  1. Replies
    1. It's still worth seeing, they are all great dancers ;)

  2. You mean they weren't there! Waaaaaaaaaaaah *runs away crying* It is still worth seeing, I still really enjoyed myself. It just isn't anything like what the trailers are making it out to be. They are most definitely capitalizing on Joe M's True Blood connection, which is odd because Channing Tatum is enough to draw a crowd. The second G.I Joe movie was supposed to release this weekend too, but they thought twice since Tatum is in both and decided to push till next weekend. Which is still a smooth move with the 4th of July coming up!

  3. I saw it and I can't say I loved it. It was worth it to see hottie CT.

    1. I agree Juju, though I lean towards Joe Manganiello ;)


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