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Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware

Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware
Cristyn West
Kindle Freebie

There weren't any summaries on Amazon so I'll get right to it : )

Here's the skinny short and fast - Detective Nicole Usher is on a case to catch a serial killer, one that is hunting women and taking a trophy, their uterus.  Helping in the hunt is super genius FBI profiler extraordinaire  Kent Harbinger.  Does that sound snarky?  Well keep reading for my rant if you want the long version : )

Kent stalks the women he feels are going to be the Plain Jane (called that for obvious reasons) killer's victims to the point of  almost becoming one with the killer.  He goes into a "zone" where you can't even reach him.  He's rude, selfish self centered, cocky, obnoxious, full of himself, I could go on and on believe me.   The problem with all this amazing hubris?  He keeps just missing the killer and more keep dying to the tune of 17 women!  This man aggravated the crap out of me and I used the nice word instead of the s one that I really wanted.

Onto Detective Usher.  Nicole and Kent used to be a very hot and heavy item.  They broke up and she took up with fellow Det. Ruben Torres, but that's gone cold for her, not for poor Ruben though.  He still pines for Nic while she's like Pavlov's dog concerning Kent.  She pissed me off too!  The junk she allowed him to get away with was beyond ridiculous.  I also found this relationship stuff hard to believe since it was so out in the open.  I really don't think their Captain would have been so forgiving of this.

Kent is staking/stalking who he's convinced is the next victim and while she's undressing in her room he admires her boobs, nah not working for me.  Nicole and Torres are interrogating a possible suspect, Nic has an earpiece in and Kent is telling her what to say.  His thought's?  Damn she never looked hotter, really? 

Was I on the edge of my seat?  Nope, I didn't really feel it pick up till the end.  Kent's character was just too over the top to be likable or believable.  I would have preferred a little more down to earth person and then I probably would have liked the story much much more.

What was good?  I had no clue whatsoever who the killer was AT all.  For me that is such a major score that I'm pissed that I didn't like the characters more. The ending actually had me going more than the rest of the book.

I'm actually going to say read it.  I'd love to know what others think because a lot of what I wrote here is based on what a stubborn opinionated strong willed thick head I am and both their personalities just grated on me something fierce.

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