Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Authors By The Alphabet Q-n-A

Just a heads up girls, Marce will be posting the ?'s soon, so keep an eye out at her blog.

UPDATE, here is the link to the Q n A -

Tea Time With Marce

Just check in and see when she does, looking forward to it :) !!


  1. Hey Paula, I'm feeling really overwhelmed and discouraged right now and maybe it would be best if you went ahead and let the C choice fall to the next person in line.

    Thanks and sorry for being flaky.

  2. Hey Paula,

    I just posted my review, will have the questions up tomorrow and allow others to link their reviews.

    Hope your well lovely.

  3. Questions are up :-)

  4. Hi all,
    This week has been crazy!! ...from tons of snow being dumped on us (NJ) on top of hectic schedules for everyone with school, sports and scouting... so glad the weekend is here. :)

    Paula asked me to chose the next book for 'C.' I was thinking BET ME by Jennifer Crusie? If you guys have read it already, no problem... I'll come up with something else. Let me know!

    See you all over at Marce's. :)

  5. This works Christine! Sounds great, and as I've said, if it's a book that's been read, we can just refresh for the club :)

    I'll post Febs choice.


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