Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Authors By The Alphabet Q-n-A

Again if you'd like to join please go *HERE*.  We have read some great books so far and are having a good time!

Ok girls we're ready to roll with our reviews and the ?'s for our book.  Just pop over to Julies for the questions @ Reading Without Restraint so you can get them and then discuss!!

The Persian Pickle Club

Our April book has gone into flux here, Belle is going to contact me with an F author since finding an E author was too tough and she doesn't want so many bowing out of the reading this month, so we will be changing!


  1. "F" is for flux all right! Stay tuned. I'll be back with an F book no later than tonight, 3/31. Thanks for your patience with the new girl. Belle

  2. I FOUND IT!

    April's read will be:

    Still Life With Husband by Megan Fox

    I think it will have a little something for everyone.

    It's available on Kindle and paperback and probably at your local library too. It was published in 2008.

    Happy Reading! Belle

  3. Okay, seriously, I need to screw my head on - The book for April is: Still Life with Husband by LAUREN Fox (not Megan Fox).


  4. rotflmao!!! Belle, to funny, Megan Fox! Hey as someone with 6 kids my brain cells evaporate faster than I can keep up with ;)


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