Friday, March 4, 2011

February Wrap Up

February goes too fast!  I didn't read as much as I normally do, and I've broken my own rule, I've been reading more than one book at a time!  Since I belong to two book clubs and I have an ARC I need to finish, I've been volleying between my bcc's and the arc.  Hhhmm, I don't think that really makes me a philanderer, I still only stay true to my one book, this was just very special circumstances with February being a short month, ya know, sometimes things happen ;)

Here are the books I've read this month -

Mozart's BloodA Hard Death: A Novel
Shanghai Girls: A NovelBet Me

I loved A Hard Death!  That one was great, will be doing a review soon and will have Jonathan Hayes here!  Shanghai Girls would never have been picked up by me, but my bcc chose it and I did like it, but Lisa See is an author, while excellant and you really just breeze through her books and learn so much, but are tinged in such sorrow.  My review is *here*.  While I didn't review Mozart's Blood I really liked it.  I love The Opera and this was just steeped in that life.  Nice twist on the vampire story.  Bet Me was my first foray into Jennifer Cruise.  It was chosen by Christine of The Happily Ever After fot my online book club, Authors By The Alphabet.  If you'd like to join, go *HERE*.  I loved this book, quick easy and fun.  Read my review and q-n-a *here*

What's up for March?  Well here ya go -

Change of Heart: A NovelThe Persian Pickle Club

The Kensei: A Lawson Vampire NovelUndead and Unreturnable (Queen Betsy, Book 4) (Berkley Sensation)

The first 2 are my bcc's for the month, The Kensei I'm almost done with and it's and ARC, with Jon Merz stopping by here at the end of the month!  Queen Betsy is an e-book and will go to my TBR Challenge.  I know there'll be more but for now this will due.


  1. Jodi Picoult is my favorite author! By the way, did you see I am hosting a Livestream interview with her to celebrate the release of her newest book, Sing You Home? I included a link to the post with the details below:

  2. That's just fantastic Julie! This will be the second book of hers that I've read. I just started and 10 pgs in and it's already good!


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