Monday, May 16, 2011

Authors By The Alphabet Update

The First Cut: A NovelJust a reminder that May's book is The First Cut by Diane Emley.  Our G author will be chosen by Marce.

On a sad note, Julie from Reading Without Restraint has had to drop out.  She has gotten behind in her reading and just can't do it anymore.  If any or you think it's silly to continue with just 3 of us let me know.  Again I'd like to take a moment to just say what I said in my little manifesto, Deep Thoughts, read for the joy of reading, not to see how many pages you can read in a year or how many books you can get through, or how many authors want your review.  If it's becoming a job, it's not doing what it was meant to do, and that's take you to exciting new places and discover funny wonderful, and sometimes not so wonderful, characters, and make you feel good when you put that book back on it's shelf.


  1. Oh I hate to see Julie leave :-( but I understand. I think we have to choose books 'we' really want to read on our months and take it or leave it the other months, this way at the least the chooser is reading something they wanted.

    Stormchasers for me I was intrigued with and thought maybe others would really like it but in the end it was just ok to all of us, lol

    My choice is Tess Gerritsen - The Surgeon.

    I was going to go for Still Alice by Lisa Genova, I think everyone should read this one but I'm not in the mood to reread.

  2. I will miss Julie greatly. However, I'm still in. I think Christine is still in too - so maybe we have 4? I may not read the Tess Gerritson. I have read 2 of her books in the past (I think Surgeon was one) and they leave me with haunted nightmares and the inability to walk in the dark alone. I have really struggled with my fear of the dark for most of my life and I just don't want to go back there. So maybe since we have a smaller group, the chooser should choose and then the readers should rsvp so that we know whether there will be a discussion at the end of the month or not. Just an idea. Love you, Julie!

  3. I've read the Surgeon and loved it I gave it 4 cannolis, this works for me.

    Belle, that's ok if you can't. I myself am a psycho thriller nut! The crazier the better in my book.

  4. I'll check back in July for H. I definitely want to continue in the club as much as I can keep up with all you psycho chasers ;-)

  5. I have never read TessG and the thought is thrilling..... :-) I am happy to give another idea, I like giving ideas because I prefer not to read something I have no interest. Have to say Belle, I am all on it because you said about losing sleep, lol. And Paula if you have read already, i'll choose again.

  6. I have chose a different book :-) I want to be scared by TessG Surgeon, so will still read and review it, lol

    How is this choice?

    Three Wishes: A True Story of Good Friends, Crushing Heartbreak, and Astonishing Luck on Our Way to Love and Motherhood by Carey Goldberg for our June read.

  7. oh no! I'm sad that Julie is dropping out too. Hopefully she would consider joining in on a random month when we're reading something that interests her. I have no problems with members picking and choosing which books/months they participate and which they don't. I'm flexible like that and certainly take no offense if someone is too busy that month or simply doesn't like the pick. Like Paula said, it's all for fun!

    Oh and in case you didn't figure it out... I'm still in. LOL. I'm just about 100 pages into The First Cut right now. This week is busy for me... but hopefully I'll finish it over the weekend at least.

    Thanks for the heads up on the 'G' book! I'm in!

    cheers! :)

  8. Thanks for the pick, Marce. One of my local libraries has it on the shelf, so I'll pick it up next week. I'm not normally a non fiction reader, so I welcome the challenge. Plus it sounds like it will give us a TON to talk about. Interesting stuff.

  9. Christine, one of my personal goals is to read memoirs, so i'm hoping I have chose well for us.


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