Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Bee

Little Bee: A NovelLittle Bee
Chris Cleave
Simon and Schuster Paperbacks
271 pgs

Amazon Blurb-

Amazon Best of the Month, February 2009: The publishers of Chris Cleave's new novel "don't want to spoil" the story by revealing too much about it, and there's good reason not to tell too much about the plot's pivot point. All you should know going in to Little Bee is that what happens on the beach is brutal, and that it braids the fates of a 16-year-old Nigerian orphan (who calls herself Little Bee) and a well-off British couple--journalists trying to repair their strained marriage with a free holiday--who should have stayed behind their resort's walls. The tide of that event carries Little Bee back to their world, which she claims she couldn't explain to the girls from her village because they'd have no context for its abundance and calm. But she shows us the infinite rifts in a globalized world, where any distance can be crossed in a day--with the right papers--and "no one likes each other, but everyone likes U2." Where you have to give up the safety you'd assumed as your birthright if you decide to save the girl gazing at you through razor wire, left to the wolves of a failing state. 

The blurb and the back of the book says not to say too much so I'll keep it brief.  This is not a bad book, it wasn't a great book in my opinion either.  I didn't find it quite as horrifying has it has been described by some, though there are some very very sad parts.  It is a story I don't really like as there is unfaithfulness in it and a bunch of lying like crazy by all.  That said, some will like this book very much and some won't.  Will I tell everyone to read it, no it wasn't my cup of tea so I wouldn't suggest it to all. It was for my book club and I know the gal who chose it was not expecting this at all.  Oh well...

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  1. I can't get passed that they don't want anyone to talk about the book - just read it, hmmm, I don't think so, lol


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