Friday, May 6, 2011

Hopping On Friday

This Hop is hosted by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Books, and it runs through the weekend, so if you can't today, hop on tomorrow!  Just remember, go to her site, follow the rules, visit some of the blogs and get to know em, if you start to follow tell em you met them through the hop!

This weeks ? -

 "Which book blogger would you most like to meet in real life?"

What a great question!  There are 4 bloggers I would love to meet in person.  I love their blogs, their posts always offer something insightful or informative.  We share similar tastes in books too ;)  Here they are -

Marce from Tea time With Marce.  She is just wonderful.  I thriller suspense lover like me, and a challenge enabler too!

Julie from Reading Without Restraint.  I love this woman's blog, as well as being so down to earth, what a sweet lady.

Christine from The Happily Ever After.  Christine's blog covers not just books, but her life as well.  She shares unselfishly what is happening in her world and I love reading about it. 

Steph from Fangs Wands And Fairy Dust.  Need I say more?  I love Steph's blog and she's a UF PNR junkie like me, her blog is chock full of info on not just the books she reads but the meaning behind some of the lore they carry.  Just love it.

These ladies would be so great to share a cup of coffee, or better yet, a margarita with!  Go check em out :)


  1. I can handle margarita's, fun, I would so need my tea after though, hahaaha


    You are a posting fanatic today.

  2. New follower via the blog. I am your 100th follower! ;)
    You can find my answers below!:
    Nicki J Markus

  3. I'm just popping in to say hello via the blog hop. I'd love to meet all bloggers, all readers in real life. Every blogger I've ever met, every reader I've ever met is a fascinating person. Reading does that to you!

    I hope you will stop by here.

    Follow and let me know you have followed in a comment. I always follow back.

  4. Nice choices.

    Hopping by from the Blog Hop.

    I like this week's question. It is difficult to choose one person, though.


  5. Hey Nicki, awesome 100th follower!

    Hey Marce, I would need a lot of coffee, I'm usually toast after 1!! LOL That's why my nieces love to get me drinking ;)


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