Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lending Kindle Books

There are two sites out there that help you borrow and lend your kindle books.  One is booklending.com, the other is lendle.com. Lendle will actually give you credits when  you lend a certain amount of books and send you an Amazon gift card.

The one thing that stinks about lending is you can only lend a book one time, that's it tutti finutti no more never again...that is unless the powers that be decide differently.  I don't think it's quite fair, if you own a traditional book that you paid for fair and square you can lend for the rest of your life, and of course we have our library's, so maybe in time that rule will pass.

Have  you seen the new Fire that Amazon has put out?  Looks great.  I myself just got an iPad from my hubby for my b'day, and I LOVE it!!  I will never give up my kindle, there is no glare at all on my screen, which the iPad does have, and the wireless connects almost anywhere with the kindle.  That said, my iPad rocks and so does my hubby, what an awesome device.

I actually haven't started The Thirteenth Tale yet, I must start my book club choice for October, Half Broke Horses, which while the other gals have said is good and a quick read, I'm procrastinating big time on it.  Next month is even worse with One Thousand White Woman, yuk, the reviews on my kindle where just excoriating!



  1. Giggling, how I miss you and your little rants.

    My sweetie has an iPad and I agree I love my Kindle to read on, no glare etc but the iPad is fun for internet.

    The Kindle Fire, OMG, looks amazing.......

    I don't think I sent you an email about booklending, I wasn't impressed, netgalley works for me there. I will check out lendle though, thanks for that. Amazon should definitely change the lend once rule.

    I can't believe I forgot your birthday, happy belated birthday to YOU :-)

    Hope your well Paula.

    So I didn't enjoy Heartshaped Box, i'm not mad at you, lol. Your review was still amazing.

  2. Happy birthday, Paula. Glad your loving your iPad! It is so much fun. I love the iBooks app, but they don't always have every book I'm looking for and amazon kindle is sometimes cheaper. [I also use the Kindle app on my ipad and iphone].

    Have you tried "borrowing" ebooks from the library yet? I know it can be done, but haven't explored it yet.

  3. No I haven't. I downloaded the nook app too so if I see a book I may want I'll try borrowing it to see how that goes. For the most part I still have tons of books on my shelf and my kindle to go through.

  4. I can't say that I've found too much of interest on the lending site - mostly a lot of not very good fiction that publishers aren't worried about trying to protect.

    I've listed a few things I have available for lending on my blog, I've listed the books that I have available for lending on my blog, here, if anyone is interested, and has something of interest to offer in exchange.


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