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Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk
Julie Garwood
Netgalley review

Amazon Blurb -
When FBI agent Grayson Kincaid first encounters Olivia MacKenzie, she makes quite an impression.

The beautiful, tough, young attorney has stumbled into the middle of an FBI sting operation and has reduced it to chaos. Months of
surveillance and careful planning down the drain, Kincaid’s partner is furious and lets Olivia know that she’s ticked off the wrong guy. After all, he’s FBI.

Olivia isn’t intimidated by his partner’s bullying because she’s something even scarier . . . she’s IRS.

And working for the IRS isn’t for the faint of heart. She’s on the trail of an elaborate Ponzi scheme, one that threatens to ruin the lives of naive and unsuspecting victims, and one she has personal reasons to be angry about. But after she asks questions of the wrong people, her life is suddenly endangered. She’s accustomed to fighting for the underdog but being vulnerable herself is a very different story. Smart enough to know when to call for reinforcements, she contacts Grayson Kincaid.

Together they make an excellent team to fight corruption but Olivia is also fighting the immediate and intense attraction she feels for Agent Kincaid, and that may be a battle she is bound to lose.

Olivia MacKenzie is an attorney for the IRS.  She loves going after the bad guys, but what happens when one of them also is your father?

Olivia didn't have an easy childhood by any stretch of the word.  She was very sick along with her three "sisters" lovingly called the Pips, they were in the hospital for a long time. Her family never came to visit her so her mother's sister Emma stepped up to the plate for her.  Her father is a wealthy investor her mother just follows his lead regardless and her real sister is a selfish brat.

Jump forward to present time and Olivia is worried budget cuts will get her the boot so she is job hunting.  It puts her in the middle of a sting operation with the FBI quite by accident, but introduces her to hunky agent Grayson Kincaid.  After an attempt against her life the two try to piece together who wants her dead and the list can be many.  As an IRS attorney there is no shortage of people who hate her, coupled with her father, his attorney and his investors who view her as trying to stop their gravy train. 

Her relationship with Grayson blooms and he is very protective of her to say the least, and her Aunt Emma is more a mother to her than her own.  Her family is rabid against poor Olivia and it all is very tiring.  Who wants her dead?  Will her father get away with his Madoffesque scam?  Read to find out.

This was a good book and my first Julie Garwood.  Very light, easy read.  I liked the characters, Olivia was perfect not tedious or whiny.  Grayson was an alpha male to the nth degree.   There wasn't excessive violence or explicit love scenes so if you like it on the easier side this book is perfect.

3 1/2 cannolis


  1. Thanks for reviewing this one, Paula. I LOVE Julie Garwood's medievals so when I saw this one come in at the library, I was considering it. I'll keep it in mind, but with so many other books pressing on my TBR list, I'll wait until the urge strikes hot.

    1. Happy to be of help ;) I know what you mean about the tbr, mine has a life of its own :0


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