Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dead In The Family

Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 10)
Dead In The Family
Charlaine Harris
Hardcover 320 pgs

And the verdict is...well, I have to be honest.  It was good not great.  Still a must read, but not the same thrill that I've had with the others.  It just seemed to be lacking the punch, zing, pow. That happens sometimes with a series, there will be one or two that don't do it for ya - alla JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books for Butch and Phury.  They really left a lot to be desired, but I would still say to read em.

You get your ?'s answered as far as the what and why of where Eric was when Sookie was in trouble with the last book, poor Bill is sick as a dog, not that I'm on team Bill now, but he is pitiful.  Some new characters come into the picture, we meet Eric's maker, and his baby "brother", oh boy!  FBI agent Tom Lattesta is just hot to nail Sookie to the wall, the man hates her!!!

I like how Jason has developed, they seem to have a much better relationship as brother and sister.  Her cousin Claude is featured more and you do get to know him a tad better.  The old stand-by's still need her help alla Alcide and his pack crap.  Pam is her usual self, I just love her.  Learing a bit more about Bills maker and his past with Lorena was nice, kind of gives you a bit of perspective on Lorena's personality.

The fact that the government now is pushing for shifters to register is a big chunk of junk stuck in the two natured's craw.  If you can believe it, they don't go into Sookie's relationship with her man as much as you would hope and want.  What man you ask?  Read, read, read people ; )

I do love the series, Miss Charlaine is a wonderful writer, and of course I will excitedly wait for #11.  My poor brain just doesn't work as well as it used to.  Having 6 kids really has sucked the brain cells right outta my head.  Daughter Desirae and I were all stoked to go to Charlaine Harris' book signing at the Grove Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles, and I FORGOT!!!  Yes it's true, it flew right outta my dumb head!  On Tuesday I was relaxing on the couch reading DITF and I yelled upstairs to Des "Guess what we forgot?" she said "no it's the 12th!"  "Nope I'm pretty sure it was the 10th."  Sure enough it was, boy was I mad at myself.  I have 2 signed books, none were gotten by me in person, one was ordered, and one I won.  I'll post about them at another time.  Oh well I guess there are worse things in the world and I've begun paying attention to authors book signing soooo....

In the meantime, get the book read it and see what you think.

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