Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whacha Reading? (May 30th)

I know I know, it's not Friday!  Well, I was in VEGAS!!  Yeah baby, and I wanted to get this up before the weekend expired completely : )

Well guess what?  I finally finished Dragonfly In Amber!  Can you believe it?  It never takes me this long to read a book unless it's a real drag, and this one isn't.  Granted, it's not edge of your seat action, and gets a little bogged down in the history telling, but it's just taking me forever.  This is 2 weeks I'm reading it now.

It is picked up, though it took almost 3/4 through!  I wish the whole book would have had more action like this.  I knew I was gonna be sad, it seems to be inevitable with the 2 of em.

Again a real slow month reading wise for me, I'm way off my usual 6, but I'll read while I'm at the pool ; ) I've been wanting to get to those Night Hunters again, I'm up to #3.

What about you, is it decent, a sleeping pill, or a nail biting heart stopper?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and get some good reading in!


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