Monday, June 20, 2011

Authors By The Alphabet Update

Just a quick reminder of this months book choice -

Three Wishes: A True Story of Good Friends, Crushing Heartbreak, and Astonishing Luck on Our Way to Love and Motherhood
Three Wishes - A True Story  Of Good Friends, Crushing  Heartbreak, and Astonishing  Luck On Our Way To Love and  Motherhood
Carey Goldberg
  Little Brown and Co
  288 pgs

I downloaded a sample from kindle and it caught me right away!  Of course the price has me ticked!  I wish Amazon would stop selling kindle books for more than $9!!  They cost nothing to make for Pete sake!!  Sadly my library doesn't have it so I'll have to buy it :p  I'm trying so hard to stick to just borrowing or in my quest to whittle my tbr and save some money, I've been avoiding the book stores they can be oh so tempting calling out to me making me want to run my fingers all over them, hold them in my hands....ahem I'm getting off subject here.  Oh well sometimes ya just gotta buy the book :)

Just a reminder, Christine, it's your turn to pick our H author so just let me know when you've decided.


  1. I can't believe the price of this one either and the other part that pissed me off is that it is not a loan book, sigh, 3 of us have Kindles and can't loan this one, sigh.

    I also downloaded the sample before choosing. Hope we enjoy it.

  2. Q&A is up

    1) Who was your favourite out of Carey, Beth or Pam? Also, who was your favourite male?

    Beth was my favourite, just living and enjoying life even if some choices would have been considered wrong or taboo, eg getting tattoos. Hands down Mark was my favourite male. He was honest, up front, sweet, listened and even had that unknown mystery to him, loved that.

    2) What was your favourite or memorable scene?

    Interesting enough, I don't know if this is because of my job but the scene where (don't remember who) had to deliver her baby for the termination and hear another woman next door delivering her child was it. What a difficult situation but I have to say probably happens often. I think our hospital uses the OR for terminations when they have to push. Can you imagine, what a difficult emotional tragedy that is.

    3) Do you think there is an age females should consider the cut off to become a mom, single or not?

    I personally think 45 but wouldn't mind up to 50 if it suits the persons lifestyle. Women should know the risks and I think with all the tests available moms can make the best decision and be an amazing new mom at 50. How many grandma's are the real moms in children's lives and some are over 50 for sure.

    4) How do you think the friendships played a role in this book?

    This is one of the issues I had with this book, the friendships were not built up at all, they seemed like acquaintances. Even when they were all together, something just seemed missing for me. This was a major part of why I didn't enjoy this book.

    5) What do you think about women choosing to become a single mom? What changes do you see happening in your lifetime with regard to women?

    I believe in choosing our destiny and going for what we want. Children need love, single or not, I have no issue with single moms, and when it is a choice, you go in eyes wide open. The changes I see now are women becoming leaders of the world, CEO of companies etc, so exciting.

    6) If you were seeking a sperm donor, would you choose an anonymous sperm donor or a known donor? What would you do if a friend offered to donate his sperm?

    I would totally go with a known donor. The idea of not knowing would mess with my mind to much, all the unknown true history of a donor would not work for me. I would be all over a friend offering, what an amazing gift to give. I would only accept if I was happy with the choice though. Some friends are great but won't be the donor of choice for various of reasons.

    7) If you wanted a child and your partner didn’t, what would you do?

    This was another issue I had with the book, the women were making decisions for the men, it was all about them. I seriously had huge issues with this, in a relationship this is a decision for both not an entitlement, ugggh, truly didn't get this. I also think as soon as you consider a partner for life this should be discussed and if both want something different I think you should become friends not partners. How ridiculous to think your boyfriend will be a donor but not the father in the true sense, totally out of their mind thinking.

    8) If you could have a child but not a partner, or a partner but not a child, which would you choose?

    I am a mom but it was not a choice, definitely unplanned pregnancy, I actually wanted my tubes tied at 26, but was denied. :-) I wanted to be a career lady, no children, travel the world with my partner. So hands down for me would be choose a partner.


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