Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finishing Touches

Finishing TouchesFinishing Touches
Deanna Kizis
283 pgs
Grand Central Publishing

Amazon Blurb -

When aspiring L.A. interior designer Jesse Holtz loses her dearest friend, Cecile, in a car accident, shes sideswiped by grief. Cecile was always the most beguiling girl in the roomthe kind of girl Jesse always wished she could be. With no manual for how to mourn when youre a 29-year-old with an eye for flea market finds but terrible taste in men, Jesse turns to the only person who understandsCeciles widower, Zach. Then, life takes an unexpected turn: Is Jesses friendship with Zach starting to feel like the beginnings of a romance? Or is Jesse just losing perspective as she juggles her feelings and her condescending boss? And what if she and Zach got togetherwould she lose all her other friends in the process? For Jesse, the questions keep piling up, with answers nowhere in sight. A tragic comedy that makes for a breathtakingly optimistic read, FINISHING TOUCHES is the story of a woman who just might learn that life, like any good interior, can always use a little rearranging. 

Jesse, Cecile, and Brynn are best friends since college, debunking the myth that a trio of girls can not be best friends.  Cecile is the beauty, Brynn is the brains and Jesse feels like the wall flower who always cuts herself short never giving herself any credit for her talent or seeing herself as the pretty woman she is.

Brynn is married to Cecile's fiance Zack's friend David and Jesse is never made to feel like the third wheel.  These guys know that they are thick as thieves and never try to come between them.  The girls have a bitch and knit night, they play tennis, and now they are planning Cec and Zack's wedding.  In a terrible twist Cecile is killed in an accident and they all are knocked for a horrible loop. 

Zack starts reaching out to Jesse, and feelings start to come back up, back up?  Yup, Jesse actually met Zack first at a frat party nine years ago, but I won't tell you what the deal with that was, you'll have to read it :p  It's awkward, and stressful and what happens is understandable.... I guess.

I liked this book, I'm not that into chick lit, so I take it in very small thought out doses.  This book didn't disappoint me, it did make me feel sad at the loss of a friend, even shocking me when you know she's going to die right there in the description.  It also makes you wonder why us girls don't have a damn bro code like the guys.  Sometimes I was angry, but I'm VERY opinionated, can get very hot tempered and don't have any trouble speaking my mind so I often read what these character do and say to myself, "Oh no no no no!!!  That is NOT gonna go on here!"  But it's a book and all are different so I need to take it in stride :)

All in all I'd recommend it, this is the first time reading Kizis, and she had a great flowing style.  I read it for my book club and can't wait for the disussion.

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  1. I seriously love when I can hear you saying what you wrote, lol

  2. Heehee, and I'm very much the same in person so it wouldn't be that different :)


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