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Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson, Book 3)

Iron Kissed
Patricia Briggs
287 pgs.

Amazon Blurb -

Shape-shifter Mercy Thompson has a complex life, juggling two werewolf lovers and a job working for a fae mechanic; things get even more hectic when her boss and mentor is arrested for killing a citizen of the fae reservation. As the fae seem content to let him rot, Thompson takes it on herself to clear her friend's name, beginning a lone-wolf investigation that may cost her life. Briggs's third novel featuring Thompson (after Blood Bound) is another top-notch paranormal mystery; her well-balanced contemporary world, where humans live uneasily among werewolves and fae, is still a believably lived-in world; the ever-present threat of government legislation against nonhumans (though familiar to X-Men fans) adds weight to her paranormal elements, and thoughtfully researched mythology adds rich detail. Thompson is a sharp, strong heroine and her lycanthropic love triangle is honest and steamy. Briggs never shies from difficult material, and she moves effortlessly from werewolf pack psychology to human legal proceedings, making this a tense, nimble, crowd-pleasing page-turner.

Mercy's fae friend Zee has called in his favor.  He needs Mercy to enter the home's of murdered fae in her coyote form to try and sniff out the killer.  Finding out who it is and telling Zee, Zee is arrested for the murder of the murderer.  She knows he is innocent and Mercy being Mercy will not stay out of fae business till he's proven  innocent, even at the risk of her own life.

Of course that is never her only trouble.  She still has were Sam and Alpha were Adam vying for her love. Honey, one of the pack's females has explained that by not accepting Adams offer as his mate she is weakening the whole pack and takes the time to explain just what Adam's declaring that has done for her besides protecting Mercy from other weres killing her.  She'll need Adam's help more than once here as the fae put a hit out on her for seeing too much of their secrets, and she gets herself in a situation that nearly breaks her and had me tearing up for what she suffers. 

Mercy is just a fantastic female protagonist.  She is so strong, yet not obnoxiously so.  She makes just enough mistakes that you can't help but say "oh Mercy when will you put a cork in it?"  The other characters are great as well, Warren and Kyle are great friends, and Sam is not so bad himself.  You also get to see another side of Ben that redeems him completely in my eyes.  Briggs has really scored with this series, I read them with as much gusto and enjoyment as I do Sookie's books and can't wait to read #4, Bone Crossed which is sitting on my shelf.

4 1/2 cannolis


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