Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June's Wrap-Up

June was a good reading month for me.  I read everything I listed and an extra book as well.  Really enjoyed Dead Reckoning with Sookie, I can't believe there's only one more of those left.  Beneath A Blood Red Moon was ok, I have the second in that series so I'll read it to get it off my tbr challenge, but I'm not going to keep going with it.  Nice for quick fluff, but not a real grabber.  My two book club choices were really polar opposites!  My online club choice, Three Wishes, just didn't do it for me and was a misleading title to say the least.  My review is *HERE* if you'd like to know more, just be careful since our q-n-a is in this post as well and there are spoilers.  My other book club choice, Finishing Touches was really decent.  Definitely chick lit, but I enjoyed it and had a lot to say at our meeting.  My review is *HERE*Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank was a nice surprise, very easy reading and I'll keep going with the series when I want some light entertaining.  Vampire Seduction was ok, not quite what I'd have liked, but I have the second book that I will read and if it doesn't grab me then I'll end with that.  I ended the month with Mercy Thompson and book four, Iron Kissed.  I love this series and I loved this book, I can't wait to read the next which is on my book shelf!  My review is *HERE*  Mercy is an awesome character and I love the chemistry with all of them.  Fantastic.

What's up for July?  Well, I have started a great little book that was a kindle freebie last August - Flowers For Elvis.  This is wonderful Southern Lit that I really enjoy, I have such an affinity for southerners and the south, I teasingly say in a past life I was a Belle.  I really need to whittle this kindle tbr down, and hope my two challenges offer me that opportunity.  There are just way to many books in my E library that are floundering.  So far this is a gem.  For my book clubs, I have already read the books, so I don't have any bcc's here, kind of a free reading month ;)  Here is a view of this months list -

Flowers For ElvisA Little Death In DixieThe Sacrifice (Forbidden)
The Night SeasonMaybe This TimeCeremony in Death
The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel

So this is my list for July.  Sometimes I read them all, sometimes I change my mind and switch to something different, some are for challenges that I have been slacking at.  We shall see how the month progresses.  In the meantime I'm gonna try and kick some tbr booty!!


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