Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fifty Shades Of Gray

since hundreds have been stopping here to see my quasi review of Fifty, I thought I'd post a link to my rant on the whole series.  You can read it *HERE*  What started off as an excellent deep dark story turned to crap real quick.

"This is what you really like?  Me like this?"

Those were Anastasia Steeles words to the gorgeous Adonis Christian Gray after he has whipped her backside with a belt.  This is a book about bdsm, I am not going to really review it, you can go to Amazon for that, or to my friend Marce's blog to read her's, but I am going to discuss it with spoilers so if  you haven't read and want to don't go any further.

Here is Marce's review - Fifty Shades of Gray, she was kind enough to lend me her e-book and I am grateful since it was a page turner.

Poor Anastasia Steele is an innocent.  Even though she is days away from her college graduation, 23 years old, has two men who want to be with her, she is alone, not with any guy, kind of a wallflower in her own mind, not seeing how pretty she really is.  That is until she meets the mega rich and super good looking Christian Gray.  He misreads her innocence as being a submissive which just sets his dominant off on a quest to own her.

Ana gives in to him and is willing to try this lifestyle even though it isn't who she is since she has fallen so hard for this man, who in his own words is fifty shades of f*cked up.  She has to go through his list of "rules" on what she can and can't do, no looking in the eye, punishment, what to eat, exercise, gotta have  you supple and limber Ana.  I have such a hard time with this and her pain shredded me.  When he doles out her first spanking I felt as though I was being tied  myself and wanted to scream.  I felt like I was suffocating.  I read this book in a day and a half, and that was with me putting it down at intervals due to how intense it was. 

He is truly messed up from his childhood and being with his crack addicted mother till he was four.  Already to late to fix him I guess, even though he's seeing a shrink weekly and has lived with his lovely adopted family for most of his life.  This is who he is he tells Ana, hurting her sets him off.  Her statement from above to him was the breaking point for her and it slayed me, I wanted to cry, she loves him and he does her, but she is not going to put up with discipline like that.  What a tough subject, so intense at  times I couldn't breathe.  I will read the next since I have to know what happens yet I get queasy just thinking of it.

I knew it would do this to me so powerful a subject.  I did love their bantering emails, and her inner goddess and sub-conscious battling back and forth. If you can stand such intensity go for it.

4 1/2 cannolis

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  1. As you know I LOVED this book, the storyline, characters, the mysterious arrangement. OMG I can't wait for the next one, next Thursday is the day, super excited.

    So glad you enjoyed the intensity of it.


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