Friday, February 3, 2012

January's Wrap-Up

January has just flown by!!  Can you believe it?!  Soon it'll be summer again.  My hubby teases when I say this and says, "Well Christmas is just around the corner, better start shopping."

I read some good books this past month. I took another foray into YA, hey that rhymes ;) which is VERY unusual for me. Read a good thriller for my challenge, a very moving book club choice and some PNR to tie it all together.

Bitter Frost
Kailin Gow

I read the Kindle edition.  It was an ok, quick read for me.  There was some buzz about it on so I borrowed it.  I'm really not a YA lover so this isn't gonna happen often on this blog, but if you are and like them with a bit of a PNR twist, then go for it, you'll probably enjoy it.  The protaganist finds out she's part fae and winds up in the middle of a war between the winter fae and the summer fae, which her father is the king of.  I also used my kindle's text to speech feature for the first time.  Took it with me in the car and played it while I drove.  Sounded kinda weird, but not too bad.

 The Bodies Left Behind
 Jeffrey Deaver

This was the first time I read Deaver.  I've had this book for almost 3 years now and figured it would be perfect for the challenge I'm in hosted by Marce at Tea Time For Marce.  Just click on her blog title to check it out.  I liked this book, it kept me guessing, and at the edge of my seat.  My review is *HERE* and I recommend it, and will definitely read him again.

    Sarah's Key
    Tatiana de Rosnay

 I really liked this book.  This was our book-club's choice for January.  It  was very sad and moving.  Based in Paris France, it volleys back and forth between two stories, Sarah, a young Jewish girl who was taken by the French police along with her family during World War Two and sixty years later, Julia, an American who now lives in Paris with her French husband and teen daughter.  Julia is a reporter, and as the story unfolds she finds out just how involved her in-laws were with young Sarah.  I highly recommend this book.

Passion Unleashed
Larissa Ione

Yes yes, one must always temper such seriousness with a good PNR ;)  This was book 4 of the Demonica series, Wraith's story, part vamp, what else.  Enjoyed it, I  think I liked this one the best so far.  I'll read the next, Lore's and then I think that'll work for me.

What's in store for next month?  Well, right now I just started Hearts In Darkness by Laura Kaye.  Book club's choice is The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club.  This sounds like chic lit if there ever was.  I read the Friday night Knitting Club and enjoyed that so I should like this.  What else?  Well my son got me Kill Alex Cross for Christmas so I will probably read that, and I think The Night Circus.   I'm not sure what else, it really all just depends on my mood.

Happy reading!


  1. I like your variety, just like me, I read what my mood is! Or atleast I try...!

  2. I found trying to leep a rigid book list was killing my joy. I'm pretty ecclectic : )


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