Friday, May 4, 2012

April Showers, Yada Yada Yada.....

We didn't get much rain here so the bit we did get the last couple of weeks is much needed. Got some reading done, I read 3 books in April yay me lol! For the most part they were good. The Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I also reviewed it *HERE*. I enjoyed this book, the characters were good well rounded and relatable even though they aren't human. It's a chunkster at over 500 pgs and doesn't have that quick page turning quality, but good just the same. For book club I read Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner. This was my first time reading her. The book was just ok, I really didn't form any attachments to any of the characters but for the youngest daughter some what. At our meeting I gave it a 3, it's chick lit and I normally wouldn't have read it, but most of the gals gave it a 4 so some of you might enjoy it. J.R. Ward's Lover Reborn came out in March and I got it from the Library. This was Tohrment's story. I really liked this one. One of the Warden's better books, minimal Lessers and none of that *itch the Scribe Virgin!! Her branding wasn't off the wall crazy either. I reviewed it *HERE* I had started Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich right before I had to read my book club choice so I stopped and finished it on Monday. This book was funny! It's Stephanie Plum gone paranormal. I don't know if I'll read #2 in the series but I did enjoy this one. My review will be coming up.

 What's in store for May? Well I've already started Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris. I thought this was the last one but next May 2013 # 13 will be the last. My book club choice is The Violets Of March by Sarah Jio. My Library doesn't have this book and neither does, ya know how ticked that makes me!?! It's cheaper in paperback than kindle so I'll just order it from Amazon and them put it on pbs. What else? Hhmm I think I'll read one of the thrillers I downloaded for fre on my kindle, I hope they're good, I love sick twisted psychos : ) I don't know what else it's all in the mood baby.

Saw this website on Pinterest, by the way I LOVE Pinterest, 40 Books You Won't Be Able To Put Down I've read 5 of them and of those 5, Catcher In The Rye stunk!!  That's just my opinion.  How about you, read any?

Ok, who's a Vampire Diary fan? The tv show that is. I won't read the books, they're YA and I don't want to spoil my fun. Alan Ball has already done that royally with HBO's True Blood, that bastard, and I'm addicted and can't stop watching always with some sick stupid hope that the storyline will come around to the book *tear* Anyway, next week is the season finale and I loved this season!!! To be honest, I kinda like Claus and his crush on Caroline is a great story. I'm not a Tyler fan. I was a bit sad to see what happened to Claus, but lets see how it wraps next week. I'll tell you, the tears were rolling from last weeks show with Alaric! Wow super emotional!

By the way, I am really hating the new blogger format!!!  And facebook's new look too, what the heck?!

I'ts May folks!!!  My kids have exactly 6 weeks of school left!  Summer's coming baby :)


  1. I, too, dislike thew Blogger look. I feel like I was behind on reading other blogs before NOW I am so disoriented that I can't flow with it.

    I enjoyed Fly Away Home, nothing fancy but a decent simple women's fiction read.

    I have not READ the Charlaine Harris books but I have three seasons of True Blood. Horribly graphic and addicting. :(

  2. I am not a fan of the new blogger format either, especially when editing posts or going to dashboard, sigh.

    I should try more Chelsea, cause I definitely need more sick and twisted, lol. I have the 2nd which is why I was interested, the first was good, think the 2nd will be great.

    This has definitely not been the best year of reading so far but I will keep at it.

    Hope your well lovely.

  3. Michelle, I had no idea True Blood was based on books when we first started watching it! I came downstairs to see my hubby watching these vamps doing the nasty and said what the heck are you watching?! Sat down and never looked back! My daughter was the one who told me they were books so that Christmas we got her the set of the first 7 or 8 and we tore through them. Imagine my sorrow when I watched at how off the book path he went. You should give them a go. Some are better than others, but really good reads.

    Marce, read Chelsea, the books are so good and you'll feel better about your reading with a couple of crazy Gretchen under your belt! My reading has been significantly slower this year and I'm not worried about it, I'm just going with my mood and the flow :)

  4. I hate the new format too!
    I found a way to make it go back (for now).

    What a cool list!
    I totally have to check it out.

    By the way, I love your rating.
    My favorite exclamation of surprise is holy cannolis.

    1. Thanks for coming by Juju : ) I love me my cannolis, I'm really just an italian girl from Brooklyn at heart ; )

      I'm starting to get used to the format, but if it ain't broke why oh why do they insist on fixing it!?!


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