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Quiet River

Quiet River
Natasha  Salnikova
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I read this book as part of the challenge I'm participating in - Serial Killer Challenge, hosted by Marce of Tea Time With Marce.  Click to check it out!

Quiet River Quiet River is a small town and people are friendly. But evil lives in quiet water. Lisa and Matt Collins spend a weekend in the town of Quiet River, Washington, where their son Evan meets a woman who says he looks like her son. She gives him cookies. The hotel clerk, an older woman, also gives him cookies, explaining to his mother that they came from the hotel's kitchen. Lisa ignores the clerk's strange behavior and forgets about her. The family goes back home to Seattle where Matt returns to his job as a magazine editor and Lisa finds out she is pregnant for the second time. Soon Matt's personal assistant dies in a car accident and he hires a new one: Kristine. One day Kristine presents Matt and Lisa with tickets to a ballet performance and that night their quiet lives change forever when they get involved in a violent store robbery and Lisa loses her unborn child. Lisa and Matt think it is their worst nightmare, but how little did they know. They have to return to Quiet River to learn what the darkest dark is and what face it can wear. Be aware the book has violent scenes and strong language.

This book was just okay.  It wound up having too many people involved in the whole plot for me to find it believable.

Matt and Lisa are successful and very happy.   Together they edit two popular magazines.  They have a four year old boy and after a relaxing vacation at a river in the country, find out they're expecting #2.  With just weeks left  before the baby comes, Matt's assistant Kristine gives him tickets to the ballet.  He and Lisa have a wonderful night that quickly turns to horrific tragedy.   The two enter a convenience store that is being held up. They are both attacked and Lisa looses the baby.  She goes into a deep depression for almost a year.

Of course during this time of despair, he makes the terrible mistake of turning to his assistant, how cliche.   To say that Kristine is slightly unbalanced is an understatement, and how he handles her was in my opinion on the extreme wimpy side.

Matt decides it would be a good idea to go back to Quiet River and hope that Lisa snaps out of it.  He comes there on the weekends staying at their city home so he can work.  Things start happening to them that slowly escalate to their son going missing.   How this wraps up turns into quite a roller coaster. That was the reason I was able to keep the rating at a 3.

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