Friday, May 11, 2012


 Charlaine Harris

Book #12 in the Sookie Stacknouse series is winding down, and not in a way any of us are gonna be happy with if I read this book correctly.

WARNING NOW, there will be some small spoilers discussed here so if you haven't read, look away : )

In this book we get what is the beginning of the end with story lines being tied up.  Tara and JD having their babies, Jason getting married,  Holly and Hoyt, Andy and his wife, even Terry has found someone in Jimmie.  You can see that Charlaine is concluding and pointing to Sookie's desire and sense of loss that she won't have that life of hubby and kids with Eric.

The fae storyline comes to a head and we find out all about Claude and who put the crazy spell on sweet Dermot (forgive me if I spelled that wrong).

 As far as vamps  go, well, we don't have any real romance between Sook and Eric, time is spent with her being mad at him, and trying to discover who is framing him for murder of a young girl.  Also, Queen Freyda is here to collect on her deal made by Eric's maker Appius for she and Eric to marry.  Bill is there trying to dull the blow of what is happening with Eric explaining to her that this is really to Eric's benefit. You feel Sookie's hurt at him slipping away, Niall tells her straight up that Eric loves her, but the vamp world is a different place and it's not just cut and dry tell Freyda to get lost, especially since they have Victor's death to contend with and the King of Las Vegas will exact punishment for it if the two don't hook up, since it benefits him.

In one confrontation Eric yells that Sookie has the power to change all of this, the question is will Sookie finally use  her ancient fairy artifact once and for all?  Who will she be with in the end?  Eric, I don't know, Bill no don't think so, Sam?  Well if I vibed it right, that might just be how Miss Charlaine wraps this up once and for all.  Does it make me happy, nope, I find Sam boring, always have.  I don't think Harris has ever worried about her books ending the way her fans want it to go, I thinks she writes what she feels makes a good story in her heart.  She has said in an interview she could never "get" the love we have for Eric since he is a downright BAD guy.   Killer, selfish, self centered.  Well ya know what, ever since he sat next to her bed after those fae ripped her to pieces and she asked why didn't you come and he said in a voice just choked with tormented emotion, "you're killing me", I knew he loved her and that for all his bad, was truth.

 I know there are tons who are angry and disgusted with this book and the turn the series took, if you don't believe go to Amazon and read the excoriating reviews from all the gals.  Did Sookie piss me off some?  Yes, did Eric, yes.  Should she have confronted him more and fought, I would've, but I'm not the author.

 I blew through this book, it was a page turner for me and just because it's not going in the direction I desire I still loved the story.  It is what it is, no one said this was going to be kissy kissy with Eric and Sookie  tumbling in and out of the bed, hea's don't always happen, sometimes characters we adore kick or leave and heartbreak rips you to shreds....just like real life. If you want pure romance read a corset ripper cuz this ain't it.

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  1. I think Sam too, and this is a case where I find the TB character more interesting that Ms. Harris'. Great Review! S

  2. Steph you ate 100% right, this is one situation where the show's character is much better than the book!


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