Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Authors By The Alphabet Re-Do and Tweaked

Ok ladies, I know a lot of you were asking about starting this again.  I really loved the idea and didn't want to drop it altogether, but couldn't carry it all on my own due to time constraints.  Marce from Tea Time With Marce had a great idea of guest hosts and I know Christine from The Happily Ever-After had said something similar as well. Whoever picks that month's book choice will host the Q-n-A at the end of the month as well.  I'll post reminders on my blog and the book choices, but each person will get a chance to host.  I think the New Year for this will be a good start, and I'll host last, also, do we start with A again?  Me personally, I think yes.

So ladies, what say you?  Chime in, and I'll get a re-post going like the 2nd week of December for kick off on 1/1/11 and lets see if we can get at least 10 of us, I love book clubs and the opportunity to read things you normally wouldn't, even if it is a stinker : )


  1. Oh yay Buffy!! I'm glad, I feel like a real heal just dumping it like that, so I'm happy :)

  2. You know i'm in babe :-)

    And I think we should start with B, it is 26 letters in the alphabet, so really that is 2 years before we get to complete this challenge, lol

  3. Well, it's really not a challenge per-say, but a club, so when we get to the end, we can just start again :). That's ok though, we can start with B.

  4. Hi Paula!
    I'm here, I'm here!!! :)

    I'll join in again, too, of course!
    I think the idea of having us rotate turns hosting the monthly club post is a great idea. Then the "pressure" is really only on one of us at a time, and with a schedule, there'll be plenty of time to prepare.

    Whoever hosts the book club that month should be sure to do a "point to" back to your sign up page so people who visit our individual blogs can be encouraged to join. That'll help spread the word. :)

    I think we can start at 'B' ... I mean, I did READ The Godmother by Carrie Adams, so I do feel like I completed letter 'A.' ;)

    I'm glad we're starting up again! Thanks!

  5. Oh good Christine!! I'll be putting the sign up on the 1st with Mr. Linky and whoever is #1 gets to pick the book for January and host the Q-n-A :)


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