Friday, November 5, 2010

Hollows Anyone?

Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, Book 1) 

I am really liking the Hollow’s series by Kim Harrison.  The characters are rich and vibrant.  Each has a wonderfully different personality.  Some are just so-so, Nick just doesn't do it for me and Ivy is a conundrum.  That storyline just aggravates the crumbs outta me.  My thing is, sometimes Rachel can be so darn tough, but with Ivy, her demeanor changes completely.  It’s like a totally different character.  I understand Ivy is her friend, but the interaction with the two is just too weird.  Ivy wants Rachel to be her scion, which is sorta like an assistant with perks.  That would come with Ivy biting Rach.  The problem is that Ivy has a mad hankering for Rachel and not just for her blood.  Rachel equates biting with sex and wants no part of it.  How this storyline will pan out has me curious though mildly turned off.  Kinda sounds like an oxymoron, but it's like a train wreck you can't quite look away.  It doesn't have the same affect as the whole Butch/Vichous Black Dagger Brotherhood does, that storyline was very touching, and V is with Doc Jane now anyhow and Butch with whats her face, but that's a different post...

I really like Kisten.  Spoiler talk so here’s the box for those who don't wanna know –


The fact that Harrison kills him off took major stones.  He’s a much loved character and that an author would do this takes guts.  I am anticipating his demise with much trepidation since I have read other Hollow lovers write how that part made them cry their eyes out.  Some even hold out hope that he is brought back somehow.

I also like Trent.  Yes bad guy, but still like him.  That whole part is quite intriguing and I want to know more!  I have to laugh at how Rachel almost drools over Trent, yet then quickly thinks “oh bad guy, no no.”  She does tend to have a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to the men of the story.  Ceri is a wonderful addition, and David the were as well.  I like how he’s asked Rachel to be in his pack.  Now this may sound weird, but I REALLY like Algariept.  Yes  he’s a bastard, he is a demon after all, but his character is fantastic.  I am dying to watch this relationship develop as the series progresses.  Jenks cracks me up, that little pixie is one tough cookie.  I’m curious as to how Rachel will mend the fence with him.  All the characters work well off each other.  Even Trent’s sidekicks Jonathan and Quen round the picture out nicely.

Obviously Rachel is a very powerful witch.  More so than she herself even realizes.  I look forward to reading how she progresses and learns more about her own powers and her relationships.


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