Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrilled To Death

Thrilled to Death

Thrilled To Death
L.J. Sellars
298 pgs
Spellbinder Press
ARC review

Amazon Blurb -

Monday morning, a young mother disappears after a doctor's appointment. Monday evening, a young socialite leaves a risqué lounge and never makes it home. Detective Jackson lands both cases, but at first he can't find signs of foul play. When the socialite turns up dead, his investigation uncovers her dirty secrets, which complicates everything. The case runs into even bigger trouble with a suspect who hasn't left his house in a year. Jackson must push all the boundaries to find the connection and answer the question: Where is the other missing woman? 
This was book # 3 in the Detective Jackson series by L.J. Sellers.  I didn’t read the others, which bothers me some, but it wasn’t necessary to follow either.

Two young woman are missing.  One, Elle, a wealthy wild child of the town’s well to do families, the other, Danette, a struggling single mom, who also is the mother of Det. Jackson’s girlfriend’s grandson.  Lucky break for her since her case is pushed aside for the other girl.  Jackson is the sole pursuer of clues along with his girlfriend Kera.

Det. Jackson finds out that Elle has hired a company to kidnap her for kicks.  When he learns both girls shared the same psychologist, and that Danette has taken Elle’s canceled appointment, he thinks mistaken identity and foul play is involved.  In the middle of this, he is dealing with a serious medical issue that requires surgery and he wants this case solved before he has to leave.

Kera has been taking care of her grandson while Danette is missing.  Her son, the baby's father, died in Iraq.  Jackson has sole custody of 13 year old daughter, Katie, and he is feeling guilty for her having to spend time with her mom.  Evan’s and Shack make up his detective team and I liked them.  All the characters were quite good.  I actually liked the chemistry between Jackson and Evans better than with Kera.    No one character jumped out at me though.  The book was ok.   Suspense wise, I wasn’t on the edge of my seat and while who did it shocked the crumbs outta me, I didn’t feel that heart racing thrill of the who done it.  3 cannolis for the crazy curve ball at the end.

3 cannolis

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  1. This one sounds interesting, I may try it, good review.

    BTW - I tried ordering Heart Shaped Box in Hardback and couldn't find it. I requested the day you reviewed that I wanted to read it on Kindle but it wasn't available, it is now, yaaaaaaay :-)


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