Friday, November 5, 2010

Every Which Way But Dead

Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows, Book 3)

Every Which Way But Dead
Kim Harrison
501 pgs

Amazon Blurb -

Even those who aren't born-and-bled fans of the horror genre should enjoy Harrison's third Rachel Morgan adventure, especially if they like lots of hot sex spiced with humor. Marguerite Gavin, who performed strongly in the earlier audio versions of Harrison's bestsellers, is the ideal choice to keep the pot bubbling: she merrily mixes charming urbanity with knowing wisdom about how real people behave. Rachel, of course, is still the toughest witch and bounty hunter in Cincinnati, Ohio—and as usual is up to her very short leather skirt in trouble. She's been abandoned by her lover, treated badly by a business partner (never trust a pixie!), and an old debt is about to be called in by an extremely irate and powerful demon known as Big Al. Add to this some frightening truths about the real powers behind the city's politicians and what really killed Rachel's father, and you've got a cross between The Sopranos and Dracula with lots of Sex in the City on the side.

Rachel has survived another serious butt kicking, has gotten a really nice car outta the deal, but has some problems resulting from the fiasco.  Even though Piscary is locked away, she made a deal with Algalriept to be his familiar in exchange for his testimony against Piscary.  Nick is afraid of her since she pulled that ley line through him while battling Piscary and has been distant for the past three months.  Then to top it off, he is leaving town indefinitely and tells her where he’s going is really none of her business.  She is hurt real bad.

Unfortunately her rough times aren’t over yet.  No sooner does she recover from her last beating, that she gets another, this time from Demon Al.   New characters come into play here.  Ceri, Al’s former familiar, and werewolf insurance adjuster from the koi fish fiasco David, as well as neighbor Keasly come to her aid.  Sadly, she has hurt Jenks badly since she let slip during drugged haze as a result of said beating, about knowing what Trent is.  That she didn’t trust him breaks his heart.

She has landed two decent jobs,  one with pop singer Takata and the other body-guarding Trent.  Quen, Trent’s body-guard cannot watch over him during this important meeting with Cincinnati’s other baddie Saladan since getting bit by a vamp.  He’s concerned he won’t be able to resist being whammied by any vamps Saladan might have with him.  He offers Rachel $10000.00 for the job.  She begrudgingly takes it so that her secret as to why her summers were spent at Trent’s father’s camp stay just that.

To lick her wounds she goes on a date with Kisten.  I love Kisten : )  Of course mayhem ensues, but a relationship actually starts between the two and you can see Kisten really has feelings for Rachel.  As always Ivy is the problem.  Most assume that Ivy and Rachel are “together” and Rachel keeps wigging out about this.  I really have to wonder if the friendship is worth all this crap.  While watching over Trent, all hell breaks loose, and Rachel out right saves his life.  He actually seems to have some feelings for her.   Not to be forgotten, Big Al keeps her on her toes and she has to wheel and deal to stay out of the ever-after.

I liked this book, I enjoyed the plot, and the storyline is getting exciting.  I’m anxious to see how she mends things with Jenks and where he relationship goes with Kisten.

3 ½ cannolis


  1. You seriously enjoy chunksters babe, I just can't do it.

    Hope you are well, you going to start up the Alphabet Challenge again??? No pressure of course :-)

    I have been so busy I haven't had chance to really sit and enjoy a book, I just finished Silence of the Lambs, it was brilliant, wish that I was able to read it in longer sittings though.

  2. I have to see Marce. I'd like to, but time wise I don't know if I could be on here to moderate the ? n A's. I will be doing a tbr challenge for the new year though. I'll post more in December :)

    It just so happens that the books I wanna read are mucho pgs! So why not use if for my challenge ;) Sometimes it's a bit tedious if it's dragging for me.


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