Friday, December 3, 2010

Beach Road

Beach Road 
 Beach Road
 James Patterson,
 Peter De Jonge
 400 Pages
 Little, Brown and Co

 Amazon Blurb -

Bestseller Patterson shows signs of having gone to the well too often in this slapdash collaboration with de Jonge, his coauthor on The Beach House (2002). Tom Dunleavy, a former professional basketball player and local East Hampton legend, is getting by as an underworked and unmotivated attorney. His sports glory days and his one true love are long in the past, but he gets second chances at personal and professional redemption when three locals are gunned down, apparently in the aftermath of racial tensions arising from a heated pickup game of hoops. The police seize on Dante Halleyville, the country's best high school star, as their suspect, and Dunleavy must dust off his old courtroom skills and enlist his lost love, Kate Costello, as his partner. Patterson readers know to expect a surprise ending, but he leaves too few possibilities for many to be genuinely fooled. Fans can only hope that Patterson soon returns to the level he achieved with his Alex Cross series.**********

WOW!  Again, WOW!!  This book was just unbelievable and I can’t wait for hubby to read it and see how fast he figures it out.  I was clueless right to the damn end.  Man o’ man what took place here was just incredible.  Co-authored with Peter DeJonge, Patterson just slammed dunked this one and shattered the back board to smithereens!

Tom Delaney is a so-so lawyer a pro basketball player for about ten minutes till he blew his knee out, living in his hometown of the ritzy Hamptons on Long Island New York.  All the townies are pretty thick, and they have a pick-up game on the smoking court of one of the millionaire residents.  Dante Hayerville is the hottest High School player since Coby Bryant, could be drafted now, but decides to go to college at least one year for his Grandma.  He gets into it during the game with the local surfer dude, Feif, and Dante’s friend pulls a gun.  Tom defuses the whole situation, but when Feif and two other townies are murdered, Dante gets tagged with the crime.

Tom knows Dante is innocent, but doesn’t feel confident enough to take this case on himself, so he goes into Manhattan to ask former love and fellow townie, Kate Costello, whom he dumped ten years ago to help him.  Kate is still royally ticked at him and says no at first, but then climbs aboard.  Of course since the victims are hometown boys, Tom is the target of some major harassment and no one will even acknowledge him anymore.  Kate doesn’t care since she left years ago so it doesn’t affect her the same way.

It becomes very clear that drugs and money are behind the whole deal, and the web is weaved so tightly that those who are thought to be good really aren’t.  You get brought on a rollercoaster ride that whips you up into a frenzy!!!  Movie stars and Hollywood elitists who hobnob in this east coast haven rally around the case and Tom and Kate too.  There’s even Al Sharpton and Johnnie Cochranesque characters.

Hands down this ranks up there in awesome books, I loved it and as you can see, I don't agree with Amazon's blurb at all!  I was guessing till the end, then nearly had a coronary!!

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  1. Hi! I'm doing good, how about you? Just got back in the country where I was visiting Hubby's family. We were there for 3 weeks and I am so glad to be home. It's not as much a vacation as it's just a change of temporary residency with a whole lot more not fun stuff added in (but you didn't hear me say that).

    Oh well, gave me time to catch up on my blogging. Plus, I got some good reading in.

    You really do need to read the whole Mercy Thompson series, it's wonderful. However, if you are looking for any new PNR/UF, I've read some excellent ones. The Jane True series was excellent and so was the Georgina Kincaid series (both adult of course). I'm onto Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane.

    Okay, now that I've rambled forever, I'll stop. Drop by and let me know what you're up to.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  2. Wow, I can't figure out why you didn't give it 4 1/2 or 5 now.

  3. I gave this one four stars as well. I thought it was pretty good!

  4. It was really good Marce, but I'm stingy with my cannolis ;) lol You really have to knock my socks off to get 5 outta me.


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