Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tome's 500 Page Challenge and Monthly Wrap Up

My choice for December -

Lover Mine: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
  Lover Mine
  J.R. Ward
  656 pgs

 Yay!!!  I finally got it!!  I think this one came out in Oct of 09!  I have them on Kindle, but I just wouldn't spend the $12.99 for it.  It was irking the crumbs outta me that the digi edition was almost as much as the hardcover.  I stuck to my guns and waited for the paperback to come out because they still haven't dropped the price.  So, someone on paperback will be getting it when I'm done.  This baby is a real chunker at over 600 pgs, but Ward never disappoints and I miss V, so I'm looking forward to it
November sure as heck flew by!!  I read some really good books this month.  A couple were e-arcs that I had to get to, they've been waiting on me since July and August.  Of all the books, the most disturbing was Damage.  This is an older book, released in digital format for the first time I guess.  My Tome challenge was great.  I really like Rachel Morgan's series.  Kim Harrison is a very good author.  This month will be busy busy busy, I have a few that I mapped out in last months wrap up and I'm looking forward to them.  Right now I'm reading Beach Road by James Patterson for my book club and the J.P. challenge I'm in.  This book isn't just good, it's flippin fantastic!!  It grabbed me right outta the gate, awesome.


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