Monday, December 27, 2010

What Do You Do?

What happens if you get an ARC that really, well, stinks?  Do you feel bad?  Do you write a scathing review?  Or do you just contact the publicist or editor and tell them you can't do this it was just too bad.  This is a quandary for me, I don't want to hurt ones feelings, yet if the book is a real baddie, I'm not gonna write otherwise.  If I've bought it out of my own pocket, I don't have that hard a time saying it's a real stinker, but when you're getting something for free, that guilt just jabs me in the gut.

I'm just curious as to what some others do when presented with this situation.  I'm not seeking ARCS as I was anymore, since I'm trying to whittle my tbr (see my challenge *here*) and I want to read for the joy of reading, but if I come across one that seems interesting to me, or I happen to get a request to read something, I will always say yes.  Maybe I just have to grow a thicker skin since what they're looking for is an honest review.


  1. The few times that this has happened to me it has been for scheduled blog tours. I didn't completely slam the book, but pointed out what didn't work for me. I tried to find some stronger points or things that might appeal to others to point out.

  2. That is a hard question and a hard situation to be in.

    I would write an honest review and point out exactly what I didn't like abou the book. That is what a review is for. How can an author improve on writing when nothing is pointed out.

    Before I posted a review like this I would contact the author and publisher and send them the review before then find it without being notified.

    Mad Scientist

  3. I would write an honest review, even if it isn't favorable. However, I also try to point out at least one or two good things about the book as well!

  4. I think you should be honest but without the passion. I love your passionate reviews even the negative ones because it is so 'you' but it can be brutal for an author.

    I say be honest but tone down, no Eat Pray Love ;-)

  5. I don't think I'd ever do an Eat Pray Love for an arc!!! Oh my they'd probably choke!!

    Thanks for the input, I was curious as to what others do.

  6. I don't think of it as getting something for free; we could say the publishing entity is. I think of my first responsibility as being to the readers; the people who really are going to pay for a book.

    But, even when truly egregious sins against literature are perpetrated I am diplomatic in how I say bad x y z. We can always be civil.


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