Friday, April 1, 2011

Authors By The Alphabet - April's Book Choice

Still Life with Husband (Vintage Contemporaries)

Still Life With Husband
Lauren Fox
320 pgs

Amazon Blurb -

Yes, it's an affair novel, but file this adroit but placid debut under chick lit for early marrieds—the ones who are not sure they want to be on the baby-house-'burbs track. At 30, Emily Ross is a Milwaukee freelance writer with a part-time job as assistant editor at a medical journal called Male Reproduction and a marriage to "steady, staid" Kevin, a technical writer she met in college. Kevin, "innocent and intolerable," wants a baby and a house. Emily is ambivalent and bored. A few pages in, Emily meets David Keller, a dark, good-looking writer/editor at the local alternative newspaper, and starts an affair. Things, as expected, do not go well, but Fox's voice is steady, moving easily between comedy and drama. Her emotionally literate delineation of character and relationship give the book texture, with Emily's relationship with her best friend, Meg, emerging as the book's most resonant. Fox draws just the right tension out of Emily's mix of honesty and self-delusion, reflection and romance, with an undercurrent of a sort of left-handed hope. For anyone who's lived through a relationship drama, though, Emily will have a decidedly entitled, gee-whiz quality that's hard to take.

Ok girls, our new choice for the month courtesy of Belle!  It sounds like a good one too :)  Again, I'll post a little reminder of what's going on in about 2 1/2 - 3 wks and the G author for May (unless we get a new member), and Belle can post her q's on her blog on t he 28th or 9 whichever.

I want to just take a minute to say something about book choices.  We aren't going to love every book that one of us picks.  If we see after 4 or 5 chapters that we wanna hang ourselves, let it go and PLEASE don't feel guilty about it.  Life is too short and there are waaaaaay to many good books out there, a ton just in my tbr, to waste it reading what is amounting to kaka for you.  No one should be offended, I know I wouldn't, that's what makes us special and great, we all have different tastes in book genres and what makes a book good for and to us.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am really enjoying this, I love seeing how you all have answered the ?'s and your opinions.  If we could get a couple more to jump in for a good variety of book choices, that would be fantastic!!


  1. I think I was feeling guilty but I then I realised in bookclubs there is always someone that doesn't finish right, lol

    I'm still in and plus so far I have really enjoyed a book. Godmother is my favourite so far.

  2. Thank you Paula for getting that all set up for me! I'm fine if some drop out now. I totally get that not every book is for every one. I had just been second guessing my first choice so much that I sort of panicked that I was going to kill your cool club. I hate being a club killer - ya know.

    I am having a blast with this club!

  3. I will return the Elizabeth Edwards book to the library and grab this Lauren Fox one. I'm glad I've been able to find all of our book club books between three neighboring libraries so far!

    Marce, I really liked the Godmother, too! It's my second favorite after Bet Me, but a very close second.

  4. Me too Christine! I haven't had to buy a single book yet :) I really loved the Godmother as well, it ranks up there as one of my faves. I need to get the 2nd one.


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