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Rapture In Death

Rapture in Death

Rapture In Death
J.D. Robb
320 pgs

Amazon Blurb -

The year is 2056. mood-altering drugs are legal, prostitution is licensed, virtual-reality games have replaced TV sets for entertainment and New York supercop Eve Dallas continues her sleuthing in Robb's fourth installment in the Death series (Naked in Death, Glory in Death, etc.). This time around, Eve has married her soul mate, Roarke, and is caught up in the puzzling suicide of a technician who's been working on Roarke's unfinished space resort. The young tech, Eve learns, had cheerfully hanged himself after a VR trip. Back on Earth, autopsies from two similar suicides reveal a pin-sized burn on the brains of the victims. All clues point to a deadly subliminal message in a VR toy?one that Roarke produces. This is sexy, gritty, richly imagined suspense. The fact that it is written by Nora Roberts under the pseudonym J.D. Robb is a tribute to her versatility.

Before I say anything else let me say this - Roarke knows how to give his lady some goooood luvin!!!  That man is just it.  Ruthless, sexy, tough, cool as a cucumber, drop dead gorgeous with an Irish brogue, all male alpha, yum yum!!  If you haven't gotten to know Eve Dallas and Roarke just do it!

Ok, to continue ;)  Eve and Roarke are on their honeymoon at Roarke's almost complete space resort when a techie has committed suicide and Eve steps up as the cop that she is.  He had no visible depression, was all around good and fun loving, just slipped on some virtual reality glasses and then hung himself afterward.  Once the two are back home two more suicides committed by people who have everything to live for take place and Eve is starting to feel something just isn't kosher.

In the midst of all this, her best friend Mavis is just about ready to explode on the singing scene with a hit and Mavis asks Eve if Roarke would be willing to use his connections and he and Eve's home for her coming out party to set it off.  Of course they do and something happens at that party that not only upsets and stuns Eve, it makes Roarke go bonkers!

Eve persists in her investigation not happy with what she is being told by their profiler, will she crack this case before another murder takes place?  Will those who mean the most to her be safe?  Read to find out :)

Two things I still have a hard time with, the fact that somehow Roarke's company has been involved in each book's crime I know he's a gagillionaire and has holdings everywhere so it's not so far fetched, but come on, and the fact that Eve is still so hard up on affection with those who love her.  I understand she's broken and that it takes time to heal and she has come a long way, it still is a little tiring that she finds it hard to accept this closeness by her friends and Roarke.  That said, I will most certainly continue with the series, Robb still weaves a great tale.

3 1/2 cannolis


  1. Do you have a crush on this character Paula :-0 lol

  2. Heehee, truth Marce, he reminds me of my hubby!! I told him that the other night :)

  3. I remember reading this one and finding it amusing how Eve had trouble sharing authority on this case with the homicide detective in charge since it wasn't Eve's jurisdiction.

    It bugs me how involved Roarke gets with these cases, too... :/

  4. You're right Christine, he is in all of the investigating so far. Does get a bit old.


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