Friday, April 22, 2011

Authors By The Alphabet Update

Just a quick update that our book for the letter F is Still Life With Husband by Lauren Fox.  Belle, if you can get the ?'s up on your blog either Thursday the 28th or the 29th that would be great!

Ok, I've given it some thought and I really don't want to miss the letter E.  Yes, it's me and my anal obsessiveness :p so while at the library getting Still Life I went to the E's and found a few to choose from.  How do you all feel about that?  If you want I'll push on to G, but if  you don't mind then I'll post an E author book for May.

I'm going to post this link to the Literary Club's author section so if we're ever stumped on a letter we can go there to find an author.  You might wanna bookmark it :)

Authors by their last names

I think that'll come in handy for us and we don't have to worry about missing a letter.


  1. Okay, gals, I posted my review and questions (and answers) on my blog today (the 24th). I'm afraid my work/school schedule is going to be crazy this week and I don't want to forget to post. Feel free to wait until the 28th to post your answers.

    I am glad we are doing something about E. It is bugging me too. Sorry for causing the confusion ;-)

  2. Hi all!
    I just finished reading Still Life With Husband and cannot wait to discuss it with all of you! I will hop over to BookBelle's blog for the Q's and get a post up this week! Hopefully tomorrow, but I try not to promise anything in the world of book blogging, because you never know. LOL!

    I would be happy if we go back to 'E' for May, although I would survive if we didn't! LOL! Whatever you decide, Paula.

    Thanks for the link to that author list, btw.


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