Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Wraith (Zoe Martinique, Book 1)
Phaedra Weldon
384 pgs

Amazon Blurb-

Zoe Martinque is capable of traveling outside her body, literally. After discovering her gift for astral projection during a rape, Zoe channeled her skill into a profitable enterprise, marketing herself as a private investigator with special abilities. But one night while out on a job, she comes across a man being murdered in an office building by a creature in a trench coat that can see her. Terrified, Zoe flees the scene, but not before the thing grabs her, leaving a mark on her wrist. At an anonymous client's behest, Zoe returns to the building the next day to spy on a meeting between the head of the company and Daniel Fraiser, the handsome police officer investigating the death. Drawn to both Daniel and the case, Zoe finds herself determined to pursue the creature in the trench coat, even as it becomes increasingly dangerous for her. With a quick-witted heroine and truly frightening baddies, Weldon offers a fantastic kickoff to what promises to be a vibrant new series.

Zoe is able to travel outside her body.  Makes for a really good spy!  Though she still has to use traditional means to get from a - b, she can't fly or float, so she walks or takes the bus.  She uses her talent to make money.  You know, like spying to find out if a job is going to be lost, that sorta thing.  While on a job she feels this irresistible pull inside the downtown Bank Of America building.  She stumbles upon a murder taking place, yet the killer isn't quite human. He seems to be like her, a traveler, yet, he can touch her.  She gets away, but he has left a mark on her arm.

From there she goes on a quest to solve this murder, and finds that she is more powerful then she thought.  While sleuthing she meets the hunky detective Daniel Fraiser, and tries to guide him to the killer.  With the help of her friends and her mother hopefully Zoe won't find herself taken by the mysterious trench coat killer.

This book was ok.  While Zoe was funny, her thoughts witty at times, I found her trying.  She kept getting herself in situations that I found aggravating.  I don't think I'll keep going with this series.

2 1/2 cannolis


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