Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've got The Fevuh

How bout you?  I'm talking about Karen Marie Moning's Fever series that is.  I've got it and bad, and I have to wait alllll the way till December 28th for Shadowfever to make it's entrance onto the book shelves!  BooHoo.

I really loved this series.  The 1st book, Darkfever was a little slow on the upstart, you have to push through it, and then it picks up.  It's not heavy romance and most definitely urban fantasy.  I just love the characters, MacKayla Lane is the lead, of course she has special talents that she was clueless about till the tragic death of her sister in Ireland.  She is fondly called Mac.  Then there is Jericho Barrons, boy he is sumpin sumpin!!!  What an awesome character he is.  The mystery?  Well what is he exactly?  Then there is V'lane, a Fae, no, time out a second, none of the Fairies in this series are anywhere near the Tinkerbell type.  Some are wickedly evil and dangerous, downright deadly, V'lane is as well, but he isn't quite in the evil category.  Wicked, hhhmm, yes, yes he is, but he developes a soft spot for Mac.  You have book 2 -Bloodfever, 3 -Faefever, and  finally, Dreamfever.

As the books progress you meet the hunky Christian MacKeltar, for those of you who are familiar with her Highland series he is part of their family.  A college student, he befriends Mac.  You have the young Dani, just a teen who is a tough young kiddo.  She helps Mac in her fight with the evil that is growing and brewing.  I'm really glossing here, just barely skating the surface of what these books are about.  They are very intricate with a whole world crafted by Miss Moning.  All I will say is the last book, Dreamfever, has a begining that is very rough and hard to take as far as violence against a woman, and an ending that left me feeling like someone took sandpaper and just scraped it across my nerves.  They were just raw!  The ending has all who read it in a tizzy over who or what happened and will happen next.

This is a series well worth getting sucked into.  Karen Marie Moning has crafted a fabulous tale here and I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)Bloodfever: The Fever Series (A Mackayla Lane Novel)Faefever: The Fever SeriesDreamfever


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