Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guest Reviewers!

I will be having my children and my good friend Elaine's daughter Baily Ann write reviews of books they have read. I wanted to get some young input in here as well since having kids love reading is so important to me. I try hard to find books they will love so that they read on their own. Once Santino heard Sophia was going to write something, he couldn't wait to do his "story" as well! The first to do that is Sophia and Santino! These are their own words, Sophia typing up her own, and Santino telling me what to type for his.

Sophia has been reading A Series Of Unfortunate Events By Lemony Snicket. This is her review of the 1st 3 -

The book starts out going into Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire’s lives. Sadly their house burns down and there Mom and Dad has died in the fire. Since the unfortunate event they go to Count Olaf’s house and he treats them like slaves, and he doesn’t call them by their real names.

That was the first book. The second book is about how they go to their Uncle Monty’s house. He has a weird obsession with reptiles. Count Olaf is mad at Mr. Poe, one of the parent’s friends who was taking care of the Baudelaire kids for a bit, because he took the children to Uncle Monty’s. He goes to Uncle Monty’s and passes himself off as Uncle Monty’s new assistant because Uncle Monty needs to go to Peru. Again a second sad event happens, Count Olaf kills Uncle Monty.

Book 3 is about then next place they go. The Baudelaire children need to go a third person. That would be their Aunt Josephine who says she can’t live without grammar. If they made a mistake she would correct them. Again Count Olaf comes into their life as captain Sham. Again Count Olaf kills by pushing Aunt Josephine into the water where the leeches will eat her just like they did with her husband Ike.

I really like these books, they are very interesting and I think other kids will like them too. I told my friends Valerie and Brandon, they are reading them now too!

That’s the three books I have read in the series but I’ll finish the 4th book and write a summary about that one too.

By Sophia Calvanico

And now for Santino's review of Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

It's about a gorilla that gets the zoo keepers keys and unlocks the cages of all the animals in the zoo. The elephant, tiger, giraffe, hyena, armadillo and a lion follow the zoo keeper home to his house. They go into the house and in his bedroom. The zoo keeper gets in bed and doesn’t turn around and see them in the room. All the animals start saying “Good night” to each other. Mrs. Zoo Keeper opens the light and see’s all the animal in her room and the gorilla and mouse in her bed. The gorilla smiles at her. She makes them all leave and takes them back to the zoo. But the gorilla follows behind her and she doesn’t know, right back into the bed, and the mouse too! Good Night ZZzz!

I liked this book, it was funny. Other kids will like this book too.

By Santino

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  1. Oh, this is great! How wonderful your kids are sharing reviews too. I'm always looking for books for the kids...especially Kelsey who's lost interest in books lately and has fallen dreadfully behind on her home reading requirements for school. I'll be sure to have her read Sophia's review!


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