Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Boy! Tempting The Beast

I have got to say that Tempting The Beast by Lora Leigh is really something. I am forcing myself to finish it, I don't really like to stop reading a book unless it's so bad I can't deal with it, and that hasn't happened much, but boy oh boy!! This book is filled with just hard core gratuitous naughtiness! I'm trying to filter through for the story itself.

The story is about Merinus Tyler, a 24 yr old reporter with 7 brothers and her Dad. They are trying to help Callan from becoming a giant lab rat. Merry convinces her Dad and brothers that she can get him to come in with her. Kinda attract more flies with honey sorta mind frame. Callan Lyon is a dna experiment that the Genetic Council has conducted. His genes have been mixed with a lion's and he is a half man half lion creature. He isn't the only one, there are others in his "pride" as well. Of course the 2 are just going at it left and right and the council now want Merinus.
I guess I should have realized it being from Lora Leigh, but I thought there might be a bit more story in there somehow. I'll finish it and maybe, a big maybe, I might continue with the rest since I have the whole darn series in e-book format, but I'll save it for when I'm really bored and need some fluff to get by. This is why I haven't been able to finish Anita Blake by Laurel K Hamilton. The last book of hers I read, Danse Macabre is off the chart with Anita sleeping with everyone under the sun thanks to that damn "ardeur" of hers, and it really got to be too much for me. At some point it has to go with the story and not be just "hey why not here, this is as good a place to stick it as any"...no pun intended ;)
I even dragged myself through the last of the Twilight series, and I think Meyers went way off the reservation with that one! I found it so stupid, right down to that crazy bonding thing that the wolves had with their significant others. Talk about bordering sick, Hi I'm Paddy, Paddy File. Jacob "imprints" on Bella and Edwards baby, gag me puhlease, and that stupid name they gave that kid too, Renesmee! Oy vey. I found the writing to be very juvenile in style, I don't know if she just had to get the book out in a certain amount of time or what. But hey who am I to talk, she's a multi-millionare published author, and I'm a Mom of 6 who still has to count pennies and take care of the day to day business on my own, no personal assitant for me :(
I think it's fair to say, unless Lora Leigh is your cup o' tea, ya might wanna pass on it.


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