Monday, September 13, 2010

Immortal In Death By J.D. Robb

Immortal in Death (In Death, Book 3)

Immortal In Death J.D. Robb
Paperback 320 pgs.

Amazon Blurb -

In the third novel of her acclaimed "Death" series, Robb (the pseudonym for Nora Roberts) once again sets her 21st-century police detective heroine on the trail of a murderer. Set against the background of the youth-obsessed, drug-using fashion industry, this suspenseful tale sweeps from the glitzy to the seamy with all the flair and panache one has come to expect from Robb. Although the romance is not so prominent here, the sexual tension still simmers.

Det. Eve Dallas has been called out to a murder and the victim turns out to be her "snitch" Boomer.  Boomer was over-killed,  his face beaten beyond recognition, and then dumped in the water.  This sets in motion a whole trail of murders and suspect swith the same m.o. and  motives yet one would never connect some with the other.  Super models, actors and actresses, directors, drug dealers, strippers, all intertwined in this odd mystery.  Sadly Eve's best friend Mavis gets pulled into the mess as a prime suspect in the murder of Pandora, a supermodel who also was involved with Mavis's new boyfriend, fashion designer Leonardo.  Eve makes it her mission to show how all the murders are connected so that Mavis is cleared.

In the midst of all this mess, Eve and Roarke are planning their wedding.  This is something that Eve is absolutely clueless about.  She is like a fish out of water and getting very nervous about the whole thing.  Leonardo is designing her gown, Mavis and his crew of hair/make-up and fashion assts. flutter around her having her just trying to let go and be. Luckily Roarke is so devoted to her, he carries her through all of this, because her nightmares about her past are getting very intense as well, just adding to her stress level.    His strength is a boon to her.

The usual cast of characters are present, getting to know Mavis a bit better, but the one I'm really happy about is P.O. Delia Peabody.  She is witty and sharp, a great foil to Eve's sometime downer ways.  Feeney and Commander Whitney round it out nicely with a couple of new characters introduced in the mix.

This book had me going allll the way to the end.  A real who done it for me, and I love that.  Though I have to be honest, this wasn't my fave, not on the edge of my seat, and sometimes Eve's darkness gets to me.  I also would have liked a bit more at the ending, it kinda just stopped. Not enough to pack it in and give up on this series.  I love Roarke, I like the chemistry between the two, he is a perfect fit to her and really can push her buttons sometime and you just laugh.

One of my fave quotes takes place while Eve and Peabody are on a stake-out and Roarke came along with her unofficially.  Eve is using these special night vision goggles to look in the window of a suspect who is about to have some, uh, ahem, fun -

Roarke tapped Eve's shoulder.  "I don't suppose you have another pair of them?"  

It was a good book.  I'll give it 3 cannolis.


  1. Nice review, Paula! I have the first one in this series, but who knows when I will ever get around to reading it....

  2. This isn't one of my favorites of the series either, but still fun. I like when Eve gets all uncomfortable with dresses and girly stuff. And Peabody is awesome. She's definitely one of my absolute favorite characters. I hope you continue reading the series... you have some really good ones ahead of you. Although Ceremony isn't as impressive as some of the later ones, too... but still fun.


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