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Undead And Unappreciated

Undead and Unappreciated (Queen Betsy, Book 3) (Berkley Sensation)

Undead And Unappreciated
MaryJanice Daavidson
Paperback 292 pgs
Berkley Sensation

Amazon Blurb -

Davidson's third Queen of the Vampires novel continues in the same vein as Undead and Unwed (2004) and Undead and Unemployed (2004). Betsy, still obsessed with shoes, discovers that Ant, her wicked stepmother, was possessed by the devil back in 1986 when she gave birth to Betsy's half-sister, Laura. This means that Laura, adopted by a minister, is actually the Spawn of Satan. And that's not all: the creepy Book of the Dead prophesies that the Spawn of Satan and the Queen of Vampires will rule the world. How is Betsy going to tell the warmhearted, churchgoing, innocent Laura that her birth mother was the devil, and that Laura may be on the path to world domination? Subplots involving a fiend named George, a baby shower, and a wedding keep the action perking along. Readers who love the sassy, foul-mouthed Queen of the Undead will enjoy this latest installment.

I love Queen Betsy!!!  She is sassy, witty, funny and the girl loves shoes.  What more can I say?  I've dedicated a whole blog post to the love of my own *shoes* ; )

Poor Betsy finds out she has a half sister who also happens to be the devils daughter.  Dealing with her step-mother's pregnancy as as well as finding out Sinclair knew of the sister and didn't tell her puts her in a foul mood.   Locking herself in the library where the Book Of The Dead is kept, she forgoes Sinclair and Tina's warning of reading it for long periods of time, and hunkers down for three hours.  What ensues is a possessed evil Betsy.  Jessica bangs on the door wondering if she's ok, and Betsy comes out and open hands poor Jess in the face and then proceeds to bite her, wondering why she's not done this before.  Jessica is terrified, then she accosts Marc and insults him with a venom that is horrid, she uses Sinclair for some fun in the sack, leaves him hanging as she tries to kill Tina, Sinclair's maker.  Tina's age and experience allows her to knock Betsy out.

She wakes up locked in an empty room.  Seeing no other way out, she jumps out the window into the daylight and rolls all over the lawn  happy to be in the sunlight again.  Marc comes out with a shotgun pointed at her, and while this new discovery of being in the sun makes her happy, she lets Marc know the affects of the book have worn off and she apologizes profusely.  The two head back inside so she can try and repair the damage she's wrought.  Jessica is the hardest for her, this is her best friend in the whole world and she is sick over it.  Sinclair has had it with her as well. 

I felt bad for Betsy as Sinclair gives her the cold shoulder and she realizes she loves him.  He is hurt and livid with her, and she is sad over this.  Fixing it is a stumbling block for her.  She decides to meet her sister and the antics that come about make them friends.  She really likes her sister.

This one was on the calmer side as far as the "intrigue" goes, but it was a bit of a heart tugger with Betsy coming to terms with some of her feelings.

3 1/2 cannolis


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