Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thriller and Suspense Reading Challenge

This challenge is being hosted by Book Chick City.  I will list the links to all my reviews so that it's not a mess and easier to keep track of.  I really should have done this from the begining, but me being a scatterbrain...

  1. Heartsick,
  2. Sweetheart
  3. Evil At Heart
  4. Shadow Man
  5. Monkey's Raincoat
  6. Vampire A GoGo
  7. Face Of Death
  8. Naked In Death
  9. Glory In Death
  10. Precious Blood
  11. Grave Sight
  12. Immorrtal In Death



    1. Your done, well done. I read Heartsick for the same challenge. I have 2 more and then I'm complete.

    2. I have an award for you HERE

    3. I haven't heard of another being added but sheeesh I need to get with it before I am to far behind.

    4. You got done so early! Good for you, Paula.....

    5. This is one of my fave genres so it made it quite easy for me!


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